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New stuff in 1.7-dpr2


  • Autocomplete for ticket search box (emails and ticket numbers typeahead)
  • Redesigned staff login page
  • Warning when leaving unsaved changes in admin and staff settings pages
  • Auto change admin settings pages when selecting a new page from the drop-down list
  • Create a ticket in one click from the staff panel
  • Preview ticket from the search results
  • Export tickets to CSV file


  • (#1) Automatically cleanup orphaned attachments
  • (#2) Reject ticket creation when a matching email filter has 'Reject email' set
  • (#3) Ticket search results are properly paginated
  • (#4) Make email filters editable
  • (#5) Add .htaccess for API URLs rewrites
  • (#6) Add utf-8 content type declaration for installer HTML output
  • (#8) Fix installer for PHP settings with 'register_globals' enabled


  • Implement the dashboard reports
  • Advanced search form for ticket searches
  • Multi-file upload for responses, notes, and new tickets
  • PDF export for ticket thread
  • Misc. improvements

New Features in 1.7

Version 1.7 includes several new features

Email Filters

As an upgrade from email banning (which is still supported), email filters allow for matching incoming email in the subject line and message body. For matching emails, the administrator has the ability to automatically route tickets:

  • To a specific department, staff member, and/or team
  • Automatically assign ticket priority and/or service-level-agreement
  • Disable ticket auto-responses

Canned Attachments

Attach files to your canned responses. These attachments are automatically attached to the ticket thread along with the canned response. The attachments are not duplicated in the database and therefore use virtually no space.

Service Level Agreements

Service level agreements allow for a configurable grace period based on the department or help topic associated with the ticket. A default SLA is provided, and a due date can be set to override the grace period of the SLA for a ticket.

Client-side Knowledgebase

Manage a searchable help document portal for your users


Interface with osTicket via HTTP requests. Starting with version 1.7, tickets are createable by submitting an HTTP POST request to either

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