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Audit Dashboard Help Tips
This commit adds the yaml file for audit dashboard help tips
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aydreeihn committed Oct 10, 2019
1 parent f261283 commit 205b3ae50986688c2372848102c69f4ecd3f90e3
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# This is popup help messages for the Admin Panel -> Dashboard -> Audit Logs page
# Fields:
# title - Shown in bold at the top of the popover window
# content - The body of the help popover
# links - List of links shows below the content
# title - Link title
# href - href of link (links starting with / are translated to the
# helpdesk installation path)
# The key names such as 'helpdesk_name' should not be translated as they
# must match the HTML #ids put into the page template.
title: Audit Logs
content: >
This is where you will find any activities written to the audit log while the Audit plugin is enabled
- title: Configure Plugins
href: /scp/plugins.php

title: Date Span
content: >
Select the date range that you would like to view in the <span
class="doc-desc-title">Audit Logs</span>.
title: Type
content: >
Choose which object type you would like to see Audits for.
title: Events
content: >
Narrow down results based on a specific Event.

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