@greezybacon greezybacon released this Aug 19, 2015 · 1348 commits to develop-next since this release

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  • Lazy locking system for ticket locking (#2325, #2351, 37cdf25, de92ec5, 37a0676)
  • Add settings for avatars and local "Oscar's A-Team" avatars (#2334)
  • Several UI tweaks (7436195, #2426)
  • Add transfer and assign mass actions to tickets (#2375)
  • Import agents from the command line (#2323)
  • User select dialog can be opened after closing in new ticket by staff (605c313)
  • Deadband new message alert and autoresponse to once per five minutes per user per thread (598dedc)
  • [Add Rule] button to add many new rules at one to a ticket filter (c03279d)


  • Fix several install and upgrade-related issues (fc10dcb, e1ca975, b709139, abc8619, #2411, 832ea94, abb9a08, e3bb6c2, 8e373d4)
  • Fix database timezone detection on Windows (#2297)
  • Fix several tasks related issues (#2311, #2344, #2376, #2400, #2421, c3d48a9)
  • Fix hiding of department-specific canned responses (#2315)
  • Fix add and edit of ticket status list items (#2314)
  • Fix incorrect definition of some ORM tables (#2324, 69839af)
  • Fix crash rendering a closed ticket (#2328)
  • Fix case-insensitive sorting of help topics (#2357)
  • Fix several advanced search related issues (#2317, 3d4313f, ce3ceae, b5e6d4e, 5a935ca)
  • Fix incorrect SQL deleting a department (#2359)
  • Fix incorrect array usage of department members for alerts (#2356)
  • Add missing perm for view all agents' stats (#2358)
  • Fix missing thread inline images from redactor image manager (be77da4)
  • Fix updating configuration for file upload fields (2f4f9c1)
  • Fix crash creating tickets with canned attachments (a156bba)
  • Fix missing inline images in mailouts (84c9b54)
  • Prefer submitted text over last-saved draft (46ab79b)
  • Fix incorrect FAQ link in front-page sidebar (ea9dd5f)
  • Fix missing assignee selection on new ticket by staff (7865eee)
  • Fix issue details showing up on ticket edit (a183a98, 7fbd0f6)
  • Fix inability to change SLA on some tickets (#2392)
  • Fix auto-claim on new ticket by staff if a filter added a canned reply (c2ce2e9)
  • Fix Dept::getMembersForAlerts() missing primary members (abc93ef)
  • Fix inability to create tickets if missing the ASSIGN permission on all depts (0c49e62)
  • Fix inability as staff to reset a user's password (0006dd8)
  • Render fields marked !visible and !editable, but required on the client portal (7f55a0b)
  • Fix sorting of help topics (a7cc49f, 08a32a4)
  • Fix new message alert to a random staff member (d3685a9)
  • Fix saving abbreviations on new list items (538087b)
  • Fix parsing of some multi-part MIME messages (c57c22a)
  • Fix numerous crashes

Performance and Security

  • Improve performance loading the ticket view (6bba226, 4b12d54)
  • Improve performance loading queue statistics (0a89510, 6b76402)
  • Dramatically improve full-text search performance (167287d)