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@JediKev JediKev released this Oct 2, 2019 · 64 commits to 1.12.x since this release

osTicket v1.12.3



  • issue: Mbstring Extension Requirement (5a96884)
  • Instantiate StaffDeptAccess (390ec3e)
  • issue: Complete Thread Var Padding (Outlook) (d96285f)
  • Issue: Empty Due Date (30f3b55)
  • issue: PHP 7.3 New Agent Set Password (1bcd0e2)
  • European Date Format Issue (df7306f)
  • issue: CSV Patch Adv. Search Error (6ea7526)
  • Issue: Annul Closed Events (8029b1b)
  • issue: Department Referral Email (26d2990)
  • Date Range Period Timezone (0f06f85)
  • Issue: Undefined Constant Warning (c2ca730)
  • issue: Support Exchange Shared Mailbox Auth (ac9ea5b)
  • Issue: Inline Ticket Assignment (b757ec4)
  • issue: Dashboard No Help Error (ab0cdc6)
  • Organization Update (1588344)
  • issue: Advanced Search Default Sorting (dda483e)
  • issue: Image Attachment View (eb1a4ea)
  • issue: Reset Role Permissions (0c2cecb)
  • issue: Error On QueueSort Config (1b1e742)
  • Required Short Answer Field = '0' (c58916b)
  • Fix Admin Alert (5f6bd42)
  • issue: Set Staff Password On Creation (d9108b1)
  • issue: THIS_VERSION Utilize MAJOR_VERSION (5b4c512)
  • Issue: Reopen Assignment (e73e881)
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