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osTicket v1.12.6



  • issue: Show Custom Validation Message (ca6ad5c)
  • SLA Grace Period (b373b8f)
  • issue: DynamicForm i18n Instructions Decode (56d3d67)
  • issue: Information Field Help Text Decode (abb9799)
  • i18n: Help Text Formatting (6b8cc9b)
  • issue: ThreadEntryField Help Text (6370484)
  • issue: Department Parent (3f29845)
  • Add support for sub-query based constraints. (c069def, 6579cf4, f61748c, 0eeec7e)
  • Update class.filter.php (#5320) (f42f2ba)
  • Allow external UserAuthenticationBackend … (ffb179f)
  • Issue: New Agent Extended Access and Teams (d4b8b3a)
  • issue: Mass Process Add Users To Organization (6cc7c69)
  • i18n: TextareaField Placeholder (fa9df2b)
  • issue: Confirm Popup Promise (b1f881b)
  • Remove unnecessary PHP Notice in ORM (Fix #5432) (5dac549, 03e25a8)
  • session: Destroy Warning PHP 7.3 (e6f0483)
  • oops: is_numeric Soft Fail (7c9ed61)
  • Oops: User Import Fix (40b40f8)
  • validate: Validation Error Messages From Source (9e21dfd)
  • issue: PasswordField Validation (9cc5cb6)
  • issue: Multiple Choice Export (3005d42)
  • lint: Uninitialized Matches (7873c5b)
  • issue: PDF Global $ost (07878f5)
  • Spelling correction function name (44cbc30)
  • issue: Quotes In User Name (ea6fc44)
  • issue: Add Remote Collaborator (c60e2f3)
  • emoji: Strip From Subject (e3547ea, e24c78c)
  • Issue: DB Error #1054 (18c9311)
  • install: Forum and Docs Links (dddfede)
  • queue: Inherit Columns Option (2e146ad)
  • Issue: Help Topic Number Format (52c9c59)
  • issue: User Manage Org Name (7a6b85c)
  • issue: Require Client Login (5136198)
  • Fix confusing sentence (4e7d12c)
  • issue: Update Staff checkPassword() (0659338)
  • validate: Number Field Edit Zero (e6e4e90)
  • issue: New Agent Welcome Email (1949d4f)
  • queue: Inherit Columns Option (38df2c8, 1a32e2a, 4434a93)
  • Issue: Remove Referrals (2acf9aa)
  • mail: Mail_Parse::getAttachments () (d310740)
  • Issue: Blank Date Time (60ccbb7)
  • Issue: Thread Events for File Field Changes (4d43adf)
  • Issue: New Custom Fields (9591411)
  • Oops: Variable Overwrite (c048768)
  • session: Destroy Warning (8c69891)
  • Issue: DB Error #1064 Queue Counts (f26ce60)
  • notes: Confirm Deletion (0d86e7f)

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