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+language-lua - Lua 5.2 lexer, parser and pretty-printer
+This package is just like any other *language x* packages. It provides lexer, parser and pretty-printer for [Lua]( programming language.
+### Usage
+This module provides 3 parsers.
+- `chunk`: Lua file parser.
+- `exp`: Lua expression parser.
+- `stat`: Lua statement parser.
+Lexing is needed before running a parser. `parseText` function runs lexer before parsing. So if you want to parse a Lua expression, you can call `parseText exp string`, where string is the Lua expression to parse.
+`parseFile` is a helper to parse Lua files. Example: `parseFile "/path/to/lua/file"`. This is same as `readFile path >>= return . parseText chunk`.
+Note that `parseText` may result with failure, so it's return type is `Either ParserError a`.
+### Lexer
+Lexer is not exported by top-level Language.Lua module. You need to import `Language.Lua.Lexer`. After that, `llex string` scans the string and returns token list. Tokens are defined in `Language.Lua.Token`.
+### Pretty-printer
+Pretty-printer is still under development, and subject to lots of changes. It works, but lots of functionality will be added.
+For now, you can use `pprint syntax_tree` to pretty-print a Lua syntax tree.
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