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lcl -- Lua Container Library

lcl is a project to use STL containers(and maybe some others in future) in Lua. You can dynamically link liblcl to your Lua interpreter, and start using it.

This is my first C/C++ project, and it's written mostly for learning purposes. Source may be full of bad practices. Pull requests and issue reports are very welcome.

This library is only tested on my 64bit linux system, please tell me( @sinan1111111111 ) if you run this in other platforms, or send a pull request with required changes!

It's tested with Lua 5.2.2, Lua 5.1.5, LuaJIT 2.0.2 and Love2D compiled with LuaJIT 2.0.2 (see tests/ folder)


You need to load liblcl.so file with package.loadlib Lua function. See tests/dynload.lua file as an example. Expected output is in tests/dynload.output file.


You should set three variables in Makefile:

  • LUA_INSTALL: This should point to a folder that contains include and lib folders. Lua 5.2.2 headers should be in that include folder, and compiled files should be in lib folder.

    eg. If you set it /usr/local, then /usr/local/include/ should contain Lua 5.2.2 headers, and /usr/local/lib/ should contain compiled object files.

  • CPP: C++ compiler

  • CC: C compiler

After setting the variables, make should generate required .so file(liblcl.so). Then you should load liblcl.so like in tests/dynload.lua example(line 3).