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Noan is a web application that fetches data from pisi-index.xml in repositories, and provides compherensive information about release details of the packages.

Noan provides wide-featured search and filtering system. Packages can be searched with architecture(s), repository, last updated after, and so on. Now, Noan are capable of case-insensitive file search mechanism. Files that packages contains them can be searched and listed very quickly.

Noan can be direct package's SVN entries and bug reports. Noan also provides fast bug report facility.

Noan presents extensive information about packages. Some of these are:

  • Packager who owns the package.
  • Last Update
  • Commit Messages of the updates
  • Last Update Date
  • Architecture of the package
  • Repository of the Package
  • Summaries for available languages
  • Descriptions and so on.