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+" Vim syntax file
+" Language: llvm
+" Maintainer: The LLVM team,
+" Version: $Revision$
+if version < 600
+ syntax clear
+elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
+ finish
+syn case match
+" Types.
+" Types also include struct, array, vector, etc. but these don't
+" benefit as much from having dedicated highlighting rules.
+syn keyword llvmType void float double half
+syn keyword llvmType x86_fp80 fp128 ppc_fp128
+syn keyword llvmType type label opaque
+syn match llvmType /\<i\d\+\>/
+" Instructions.
+" The true and false tokens can be used for comparison opcodes, but it's
+" much more common for these tokens to be used for boolean constants.
+syn keyword llvmStatement add fadd sub fsub mul fmul
+syn keyword llvmStatement sdiv udiv fdiv srem urem frem
+syn keyword llvmStatement and or xor
+syn keyword llvmStatement icmp fcmp
+syn keyword llvmStatement eq ne ugt uge ult ule sgt sge slt sle
+syn keyword llvmStatement oeq ogt oge olt ole one ord ueq ugt uge
+syn keyword llvmStatement ult ule une uno
+syn keyword llvmStatement nuw nsw exact inbounds
+syn keyword llvmStatement phi call select shl lshr ashr va_arg
+syn keyword llvmStatement trunc zext sext
+syn keyword llvmStatement fptrunc fpext fptoui fptosi uitofp sitofp
+syn keyword llvmStatement ptrtoint inttoptr bitcast
+syn keyword llvmStatement ret br indirectbr switch invoke unwind unreachable
+syn keyword llvmStatement malloc alloca free load store getelementptr
+syn keyword llvmStatement extractelement insertelement shufflevector
+syn keyword llvmStatement extractvalue insertvalue
+" Keywords.
+syn keyword llvmKeyword define declare global constant
+syn keyword llvmKeyword internal external private
+syn keyword llvmKeyword linkonce linkonce_odr weak weak_odr appending
+syn keyword llvmKeyword common extern_weak
+syn keyword llvmKeyword thread_local dllimport dllexport
+syn keyword llvmKeyword hidden protected default
+syn keyword llvmKeyword except deplibs
+syn keyword llvmKeyword volatile fastcc coldcc cc ccc
+syn keyword llvmKeyword x86_stdcallcc x86_fastcallcc
+syn keyword llvmKeyword ptx_kernel ptx_device
+syn keyword llvmKeyword signext zeroext inreg sret nounwind noreturn
+syn keyword llvmKeyword nocapture byval nest readnone readonly noalias uwtable
+syn keyword llvmKeyword inlinehint noinline alwaysinline optsize ssp sspreq
+syn keyword llvmKeyword noredzone noimplicitfloat naked alignstack
+syn keyword llvmKeyword module asm align tail to
+syn keyword llvmKeyword addrspace section alias sideeffect c gc
+syn keyword llvmKeyword target datalayout triple
+syn keyword llvmKeyword blockaddress
+" Obsolete keywords.
+syn keyword llvmError getresult begin end
+" Misc syntax.
+syn match llvmNoName /[%@]\d\+\>/
+syn match llvmNumber /-\?\<\d\+\>/
+syn match llvmFloat /-\?\<\d\+\.\d*\(e[+-]\d\+\)\?\>/
+syn match llvmFloat /\<0x\x\+\>/
+syn keyword llvmBoolean true false
+syn keyword llvmConstant zeroinitializer undef null
+syn match llvmComment /;.*$/
+syn region llvmString start=/"/ skip=/\\"/ end=/"/
+syn match llvmLabel /[-a-zA-Z$._][-a-zA-Z$._0-9]*:/
+syn match llvmIdentifier /[%@][-a-zA-Z$._][-a-zA-Z$._0-9]*/
+" Syntax-highlight dejagnu test commands.
+syn match llvmSpecialComment /;\s*RUN:.*$/
+syn match llvmSpecialComment /;\s*PR\d*\s*$/
+syn match llvmSpecialComment /;\s*END\.\s*$/
+syn match llvmSpecialComment /;\s*XFAIL:.*$/
+syn match llvmSpecialComment /;\s*XTARGET:.*$/
+if version >= 508 || !exists("did_c_syn_inits")
+ if version < 508
+ let did_c_syn_inits = 1
+ command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
+ else
+ command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>
+ endif
+ HiLink llvmType Type
+ HiLink llvmStatement Statement
+ HiLink llvmNumber Number
+ HiLink llvmComment Comment
+ HiLink llvmString String
+ HiLink llvmLabel Label
+ HiLink llvmKeyword Keyword
+ HiLink llvmBoolean Boolean
+ HiLink llvmFloat Float
+ HiLink llvmNoName Identifier
+ HiLink llvmConstant Constant
+ HiLink llvmSpecialComment SpecialComment
+ HiLink llvmError Error
+ HiLink llvmIdentifier Identifier
+ delcommand HiLink
+let b:current_syntax = "llvm"

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