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note: Maintenance of this repository has ended.

Japanese document(日本語の説明)

This is a FPGA board for prototyping with the DIP shape equipped with Altera MAX10 device.




  • 40 pin DIP shape of the 1100mil width.
  • MAX10 device loading of 8kLE (10M08SAE144C8GES).
  • On-board with 256MbitSDRAM.
  • On-board OSC which can choose 3 kinds of frequency.
  • Most 34 of PIO, 6 of analog input and 8 channels of LVDS differential pair
  • On-board with a user LED.
  • A driven 3.3V single power supply.
  • With VREF for ADC/REFGND and a VIO external input pin.
  • A dual configuration is supported.


SODALITE Blockdiagram

##Pin assignment

###Prototyping connector

Number FPGA pin contents
1 PIN_28 PIO0/CLK_n
2 PIN_29 PIO1/CLK_p
3 VCCIO power supply
4 PIN_38 PIO2/LVDS0_n
5 PIN_39 PIO3/LVDS0_p
6 PIN_41 PIO4/LVDS1_n
7 PIN_43 PIO5/LVDS1_p
8 PIN_44 PIO6/LVDS2_n
9 PIN_45 PIO7/LVDS2_p
10 PIN_46 PIO8/LVDS3_n
11 PIN_47 PIO9/LVDS3_p
12 PIN_50 PIO10/LVDS4_n
13 PIN_52 PIO11/LVDS4_p
14 PIN_55 PIO12/LVDS5_n
15 PIN_56 PIO13/LVDS5_p
16 PIN_57 PIO14/LVDS6_n
17 PIN_58 PIO15/LVDS6_p
18 PIN_59 PIO16/LVDS7_n
19 PIN_60 PIO17/LVDS7_p
20 GND
21 GND
22 PIN_120 PIO18
23 PIN_121 PIO19
24 PIN_122 PIO20
25 PIN_124 PIO21
27 PIN_127 PIO23
28 PIN_130 PIO24
29 PIN_131 PIO25
30 PIN_132 PIO26
31 PIN_134 PIO27
32 ADC REFGND(connected to GND)
33 PIN_6 AIN1/PIO28
34 PIN_7 AIN2/PIO29
35 PIN_8 AIN3/PIO30
36 PIN_10 AIN4/PIO31
37 PIN_11 AIN5/PIO32
38 PIN_12 AIN6/PIO33
39 ADC VREF(When unused, Open or connect to REFGND)
40 3.3V power supply
  • When LVDS use, 2.5V is added to a pin number 3(VCCIO input).
  • When 3.3V-LVTTL or 3.3V-CMOS use, 3.3V is added to a pin number 3(VCCIO input).
  • When 3.0V-CMOS use, 3.0V is added to a pin number 3(VCCIO input).
  • When supplying the outside reference power supply to ADC and using it, the reference voltage is added to a pin number 39(ADC VREF input).
  • The time of a boot moves as BOOT_SEL pin for a pin number 26. When using it as I/O pin because a pull-up to 3.3V by 10k-Ohm in the board again, be careful.

###JTAG connector

Number FPGA pin contents
1 PIN_18 TCK
3 PIN_20 TDO
4 3.3V
5 PIN_16 TMS
6 n.c
7 n.c
9 PIN_19 TDI
10 GND
  • TDI,TMS,JTAG_EN a pull-up to 3.3V by 10k-Ohm.
  • TCK a pull-down to GND by 1k-Ohm.

It's equipped with a device of ES items. When a defect of JTAG occurred in board, it sometimes becomes stable by inserting 74HC buffer in a signal line of TCK/TDO/TMS. Please check the latest errata on the Web site of ALTERA for more information.


Signal FPGA pin Dir contets
FREQ_SEL PIN_26 O Frequency select
CLKIN PIN_27 I Clock input

On-board OSC can choose 3 kinds of 50.000 MHz/24.576 MHz/74.25 MHz in the state of the FREQ_SEL pin.

FREQ_SEL output OSC Frequency
H 50.000MHz
L 74.250MHz
Hi-Z 24.576MHz


Signal FPGA pin Dir contets
SDR_A0 PIN_77 O address
SDR_A1 PIN_76 O address
SDR_A2 PIN_75 O address
SDR_A3 PIN_74 O address
SDR_A4 PIN_69 O address
SDR_A5 PIN_70 O address
SDR_A6 PIN_66 O address
SDR_A7 PIN_65 O address
SDR_A8 PIN_64 O address
SDR_A9 PIN_62 O address
SDR_A10 PIN_78 O address and Auto Pre-charge
SDR_A11 PIN_61 O address
SDR_A12 PIN_87 O address
SDR_BA0 PIN_80 O bank-address
SDR_BA1 PIN_79 O bank-address
SDR_CS_N PIN_81 O Chip select
SDR_RAS_N PIN_84 O Row active
SDR_CAS_N PIN_85 O Column active
SDR_WE_N PIN_86 O Write enable
SDR_CLK PIN_89 O Clock output
SDR_CLE PIN_88 O Clock enable
SDR_DQM0 PIN_96 O Lower-byte data enable
SDR_DQM1 PIN_90 O Upper-byte data enable
SDR_DQ0 PIN_106 I/O data
SDR_DQ1 PIN_105 I/O data
SDR_DQ2 PIN_102 I/O data
SDR_DQ3 PIN_101 I/O data
SDR_DQ4 PIN_100 I/O data
SDR_DQ5 PIN_99 I/O data
SDR_DQ6 PIN_98 I/O data
SDR_DQ7 PIN_97 I/O data
SDR_DQ8 PIN_91 I/O data
SDR_DQ9 PIN_92 I/O data
SDR_DQ10 PIN_93 I/O data
SDR_DQ11 PIN_110 I/O data
SDR_DQ12 PIN_111 I/O data
SDR_DQ13 PIN_113 I/O data
SDR_DQ14 PIN_114 I/O data
SDR_DQ15 PIN_118 I/O data


Signal FPGA pin Dir contents
LED PIN_135 O lights up by 'H'

##Electrical characteristics

Item contents
Voltage 3.3V +/-5%
VCCIO Voltage 3.3V, 3.0V, 2.5V
ADC VREF Voltage 2.5V +/-5%
Op. Current 250mA(Typical value of 100MHz driven)
I/O rating +/-8mA(max)
  • A VCCIO voltage is proportionate to the I/O standard of MAX10.
  • A ADC VREF voltage is at the time of the outside reference voltage use.
  • A consumption current is at the time of resource usage rate 85%, 100MHz drive and SDRAM movement.
  • The I/O pin rating is based on the specification of MAX10 device.


Refer to a repository for a schematic and a sample of a project.


MAX10 PROTO-BOARD Hardware is released under the Creative Commons,CC BY 4.0