ASP.NET web framework. Pure VB.NET code
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ASP.NET web framework in pure VB.NET code

Created as simplified and lightweight alternative to other ASP.NET frameworks like ASP.NET MVC


  • simple and straight in development and maintenance
  • MVC-like code, data, templates are split
  • RESTful with some practical enhancements
    • GET /Controller - list view
    • GET /Controller/ID - one record view
    • GET /Controller/ID/new - one record new form
    • GET /Controller/ID/edit - one record edit form
    • GET /Controller/ID/delete - one record delete confirmation form
    • POST /Controller - insert new record
    • PUT /Controller - update multiple records
    • POST/PUT /Controller/ID - update record
    • POST/DELETE /Controller/ID - delete record ($_POST should be empty)
    • GET/POST /Controller/(Action)[/ID] - call for arbitrary action from the controller
  • integrated auth - simple flat access levels auth
  • use of well-known 3rd party libraries

Demo - this is how it looks in action right after installation before customizations


  1. put contents of /www into your webserver's public html folder
  2. edit /www/web.config for db settings
  3. create database from /db/database.sql
  4. open site in your browser and login with credentials as defined in database.sql

Automatied install via Nuget - TDB