Clojure micro-library to aid Mozilla Persona user authentication implementation.
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A Clojure micro-library designed to make it easier to implement Mozilla Persona for user authentication:

  • persona-kit.core/include-persona Hiccup helper to include CSS/JS for Mozilla Persona branded sign-in buttons.

  • persona-kit.core/sign-in-button Hiccup helper for sign-in buttons with dark and orange variants.

  • persona-kit.core/wrap-persona Ring middleware to handle routes for persona resources.

  • persona-kit.core/verify-assertionIdentity verification function which HTTP posts to for identity verification and returns the JSON response as a map.

  • persona-kit.core/valid? can then be used to return whether or not the verification response succeeded.

Note to get a full implementation you still have to:

  • Expose a route so clients can call verify-assertion. (Be sure to protect yourself from CSRF, persona-kit.friend includes weavejester/ring-anti-forgery).

  • Use the results of identity verification to set some session state.

A credential function, workflow, and middleware are defined in persona-kit.friend to integrate cleanly with cemerick/friend to accomplish the above.

  • Implement browser side logic to handle login/logout button events, onlogin, onlogout, and supply loggedInUser to

If you use persona-kit.friend and ClojureScript, there are useful functions defined in src/cljs/persona_kit/core.cljs to bind Persona related functionality to your UI elements.


;; Add persona-kit to your project.clj dependencies.
[persona-kit "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"]

  (:require [compojure.core :as c]
            [compojure.handler :as h]
            [ :as p]
            [persona-kit.core :as i]))

;; On your login page, use include-persona to bring in persona resources, 
;; sign-in-button to show the login button.
(c/defroutes app-routes
  (c/GET "/" [] (p/html5 [:head
                          [:title "Login page"]
                         [:body (i/sign-in-button)])))

;; Add wrap-persona-resources as middleware to handle CSS resource request.
(def app (-> (h/site app-routes)

;; To aid in identify verification, use verify-assertion and valid? as
;; appropriate for your particular workflow.

;; Server side cemerick/friend example
(require '[persona.friend :as pf])
(require '[cemerick.friend :as f])

(def app (-> (h/site app-routes)
             (f/authenticate {:credential-fn pf/credential-fn
                              :workflows [(partial pf/persona-workflow "http://YOUR_AUDIENCE")]})))


Copyright © 2013 Osbert Feng

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.