Suggestions for 2017 #292

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  • FAQ for speakers about security / way for prospective speakers to tell us about needs for increased security
shawnacscott commented Apr 24, 2016 edited
  • Fix the OCW profile merge problem
swenson commented Apr 30, 2016 edited
  • In selector votes, also have (optional) display of how you voted and what you said.
swenson commented May 1, 2016
  • add a view for what I gave 5s to
aeschright commented Jun 21, 2016 edited
  • order floor decals with the conference logo (Sticker Mule has started offering these, $49 each)
shawnacscott commented Jun 21, 2016 edited

Wish list for OCW:

  • bring volunteer app into the fold
    • send reminder emails (maybe even texts!)
  • Add https
  • management portal for committee chairs to:
    • submit items they need purchased
    • contracts to sign
    • w9s received? (tricky b/c privacy)
    • upcoming vendor contracts
    • generate signs / forms
      • session monitor cards
      • incident response forms
      • door cards with all talks in that room for each day
      • directional signs
      • etc.
  • aggregate reports for co-chairs
    • current total ticket sales, compared to year over year
    • sponsor fulfillment

Venue things:

  • box fans for A-side speaker, staff, volunteer, and media lounges (some have no air)
  • scheduled hacker lounge demos with fun things (zine making, solder, etc.) (maybe a maker track?)

Organizer things:

  • mandatory staff briefing for all staff ahead of time
    • include that people can go home if not well. We can cover it.
  • add Stumptown Syndicate branding to all our stuff

Content stuff: (2016)

  • get speaker slides to sync up with audio to upload to youtube
  • Create a speaker content guide about what should be content warned (including moving images)

Document all the things!

More to come! 🎉

paigetech commented Jun 22, 2016 edited
  • Print out Volunteer roles
  • Add speaker gifts to session monitor role and Session Sheets
  • Walkie Talkies from seamless (or batteries AAA for ours)
  • Add ordering food for Coordinators to budget/task list
  • Codify "Open Source Lunch" for ideas/volunteer interaction
  • Update volunteer descriptions in Volunteer App
  • figure out font situation with OCW
elea commented Jun 22, 2016
  • possibly collaborate with the Humane Society to bring puppies/kittens/dogs/cats into one of the rooms as another destressor
elea commented Jun 22, 2016
  • Make at least the schedule page mobile-friendly
  • When possible, include speaker names on the mini schedule in the badge.

(There may not always be room, but I've missed things I'd planned to see due to not remembering all my acquaintances' talk titles.)

  • Blue tape clearance zones around room entrances as well as in the hacker lounge.
  • Index the tea more visibly (record store type label cards)
  • Those flimsy plastic folding chairs from Able Party Rental are only suitable for the smaller attendees, and creates an unequal seating situation.
  • add ticketing and registration features
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