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@ondrejbudai ondrejbudai released this 19 Nov 13:50
· 3647 commits to main since this release
  • Composer now internally supports multi-build composes. A big part of the jobqueue and worker was rewritten to support this feature.

  • Composer API for Koji was adjusted to use the new multi-build feature. All communication with Koji was moved to the worker so there's no need to have Koji credentials in composer (it's sufficient to have them in the worker). Additionally, the API can now correctly handle requests with multiple images.

  • Composer API for Koji has now /compose/{id}/logs route exposing logs to a caller. Keep in mind that the API specification doesn't guarantee the field structure, so it may change at any point in the future.

  • Composer API returned statuses that were not defined in the API specification. This is now fixed.

  • As always, there are improvements in the testing pipeline. The biggest change is the introduction of Fedora 33 in composer's CI.

Contributions from: Chloe Kaubisch, Lars Karlitski, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen