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PAWN Boilerplate

Please note that this project is not yet officially released.

PAWN Boilerplate, or PBP, is a solid base for rapidly developing large gamemodes for SA-MP servers. Everything is organized into modules, which are very easy to create and get started with.

To make this work, a pre-compiler has been created. The pre-compiler will automatically generate a main file linked to all the modules and their contents.

Have a look at the Wiki for more information.

Cool features

Scripting made easy

PBP contains many mature, well-tested libraries and plugins, which are used extensively throughout the system.

Libraries bundled

  • YSI by Y_Less
  • by Y_Less
  • amx_assembly by Zeex
  • formatex by Slice
  • by Slice
  • SQLite Improved by Slice

Plugins bundled

  • sscanf by Y_Less
  • whirlpool by Y_Less
  • crashdetect by Zeex


PBP uses YCMD, though with some extensions:

// This will appear in /commands
CommandDescription<quit_race> = "Quit the race you're currently in.";

// Create the racers group (where you create global variables)
new StaticGroup<GROUP_RACERS> = "Racers";

// This command is only available for players in the group GROUP_RACERS
YCMD(GROUP_RACERS):quit_race(playerid, params[], help) {
    // <quit race code here>

Configuration variables

Very easily make variables save/load with the gamemode.

new g_SomeVariable = 50; // 50 will be the default value
new g_SomeArray[20];

// These variables now automatically loads and saves when the gamemode inits/exits
RegisterConfigVariable: g_SomeVariable;
RegisterConfigArray: g_SomeArray;

Config values can be changed while the server is running with the following RCON commands:

  • Reload all config data from scriptfiles/config.cfg: /rcon config_reload
  • Change the value of a specific config variable: /rcon config_set g_SomeVariable 123

User module

Seamlessly integrates with the rest of your gamemode. Automatically loaded/saved user variables:


Here's how would keep in track how many times a player has logged in:

new g_NumTimesConnected[MAX_PLAYERS];

RegisterUserVariable: g_NumTimesConnected;

// OnPlayerLogIn

SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GENERIC_INFO, "* Welcome. You have logged in %d times.", g_NumTimesConnected[playerid]);

// ..that's it!

Text module

formatex integration

The Text module adds formatex to many native text functions.

Examples of what now can be done:

new dogs = 2, cats = 3, name[] = "John Doe";

SendClientMessage(playerid, color, "You have %d dogs and %d cats. Your name is %s.", dogs, cats, name);
// Output: You have 2 dogs and 3 cats. Your name is John Doe.

new weapon = GetPlayerWeapon(playerid), modelid = GetVehicleModel(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid));
SendClientMessage(playerid, color, "You're currently holding %w and driving a vehicle called %v.", weapon, modelid);
// Output: You're currently holding an m4 and driving a vehicle called Infernus.

// OnPlayerDeath:
SendClientMessage(playerid, color, "You were killed by %p using %w.", killerid, reason);
// Output: You were killed by [ABC]SomeGuy using a minigun.


The Text module also brings an amazing system for translating text. All you need to do is use an at-sign before strings (@"my string") and create files in scriptfiles/languages/


Your code:

// OnPlayerConnect:
SendClientMessage(playerid, color, @"Welcome to the server!");
SendClientMessageToAll(color, @"%p just joined the server!", playerid);

The file scriptfiles/languages/

When you create this file and run the compile script, it will now look like this:

"Welcome to the server!" = "Welcome to the server!"

"%p just joined the server!" = "%p just joined the server!"

Now, simply change the right part of the assignment, such as this:

"Welcome to the server!" = "Välkommen till servern!"

"%p just joined the server!" = "%p anslöt nyss till servern!"

If a player has his language set to Swedish, then he will see Välkommen till servern! when that client message is sent. As for everyone else, depending on their language they will see either Slice just joined the server! or Slice anslöt nyss till servern!.

As always, auto-magically!

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