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Pysh is a python interpreter that runs alongside your bash session.

Tired of writing ugly one-liners like this? yes you are

value=$(python -c "import json; print json.load(open('$fname'))['$key']")

yuck! With pysh you only ever have to open those resources once

source import-pysh
pysh import json
pysh file = open(fname)
pysh value = json.load(file)[key]

oh no you want to reverse an array...

arr=$(for (( idx=${#arr[@]}-1 ; idx>=0 ; idx-- )); do echo "${arr[idx]}"; done)

pysh to the rescue.

pysh arr.reverse()

oh my!

How it works

  • bash converts state to json document and shoves it to python through the kernel
  • python does its business and sends back a diff of what changed

Bugs / To do

  • python interpreter
  • mechanism for updating bash state
  • IFS is showing up as ',' on python side
  • python feed back to bash when it is ready for requests