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# Rails One Click Install for Mac Os X (10.6 or higher)
-Rails One Click is the perfect tool for installing and managing rails
+Rails One Click is the perfect tool for installing and managing rails
Rails One Click is targeted at beginner who have little or no
-programming experience, or to developers who want to try rails but don't
+programming experience, or developers who want to try rails but don't
want to bother about installing ruby and managing dependencies.
Rails one click creates a sandboxed Ruby environment accessible within
the app. When you're ready to move on simply delete the directory
created by Rails One Click.
-### Project Status: ALPHA
-This software is not ready for beginners, yet. However, the basic
-functionalities are already there.
-If you can, please test the installation process in your system.
-Here's a [video]( of how you can test the app.
-Please excuse my pronunciation, it's been a long night!
-You can download the app
-Here's how you can help:
-* download and try the app (there's a video linked in the README)
-* contribute directly to the code. If you're not into Cocoa, please look into the scripts folder to see if everything makes sense
-* discuss about app usability (this is very important, but keep in mind this is targeted at beginners, I don't want to end up with multiple rubies for example)
-* Open issues on Github!
+Visit the [Rails One Click Website](
Follow me on [Github]( and [Twitter]( to keep up with development.
-### Ruby sandbox
-Ruby is installed inside Documents/rails_one_click. That way if you ever
-mess up with something you can just erase that folder.
### Credits
Development: Oscar Del Ben ([@oscardelben](
UI: Zach Inglis ([@zachinglis](
-### Early Development screenshots
+### Screenshots
![Rails One Click](
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