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Rails One Click installer for Mac Os X
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Rails One Click Install for Mac Os X (10.6 or higher)

This software allows one click install of Ruby 1.9.3 and Rails (the most recent version).

This software is not ready! I'm still working out some major problems.

Current problems/features to add:

  • Doesn't tell if the installation fails. I'm working on this!
  • Add a log interface for the installation.
  • Add a better interface for managing rails apps
  • The UI sucks!

Ruby sandbox

Ruby will not be installed globally, instead you'll be able to open and create rails apps directly from the RailsOneClick app.

Project status

This project is alpha. I'm looking for contributors and especially testers. Your help is much apreciated.

Developers note: rvm will conflict with Rails one click. It is recommended that you temporarily comment it out in your profile file while you test this project.

How to run it

Right now, download the xcode project, build and run and follow instructions!


Yehuda Katz has recently announced the need for a Rails one click installer for Mac Os X. He even got some founding for his project, which means the community really needs it. With Rails one click I want to create a first step toward that vision that Yehuda had. I really hope this project will be useful to Yehuda and eventually for the Ruby community itself.

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