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git-diff-grep is now deprecated.

Use git log -S<query> to search in the history for commits that changed . Add an optional -p to see the diff as well.


This tool will run grep in the last n commit diffs that you specify. Don't like grep? It's easy to change according to your needs.

If you ever:

  • Wanted to see when a method was introduced.
  • Wanted to see if that method that apparently is no longer needed was deleted by someone in the past.
  • Simply wanted a tool to grep in your git diffs..

This tool is for you.

Example: git-diff-grep -c 10 login_required will grep for login_required in the last 10 commits diffs.


Put it somewhere in your path, and you're good to go.


git-diff-grep [OPTIONS] <query>

Options: -c to specify the number of commits


  • Paginate output automatically.


MIT. Do. Whatever. You. Want.

Feedback welcome. Follow me on Github for more!