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Proof of Concept iPhone Calculator App
Objective-C C
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iPhone Calculator Sample Code

This is a proof of concept calculator app that mimics the builtin calculator app that comes with every iPhone.

Use this project for learning purposes.

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This is the first in a series of sample apps that I'm going to build to showcase how iOS and Mac apps are built.

Want to know when new ones are released?

Project Detail

This project was built using arc which means you wont have to worry about memory management.

All the interesting code happens inside CalculatorViewController:

  • In viewDidLoad we programmatically create the UI buttons and the text area at the top.
  • when a button is pressed, we decide wherever we need to perform a calculation or append the number to the screen.
  • We also support memory buttons like Apple does, which is always a nice addition.

App preview:

iPhone Calculator

Feedbacks are highly appreciated, feel free to shot me an email or open a new issue on Github.

License: MIT

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