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Simple blog using and Browserid


This is a work in progress. Do not try it, even at home. Your computer might explode!


Three hours of work so far, basic functionality is there. Able to create new posts and they're fetched from the db to the front page.

Update Mar 15. Starting to look like something.

The plan is to build a basic, themeable blog software using as backend and BrowserID as authentication method.


First of all you obviously need

$ git clone
$ cd webpy
# python install

Then you need to install sqlite3 which should be found in your package manager. Create the database with the command:

$ sqlite3 sqlitedb

Then, in sqlite:

sqlite> create table posts (id integer primary key, date text, title text, url text, content text, published integer, author text);
sqlite> create table comments (id integer primary key, date text, email text, name text, comment text, pid integer);

That's it if I'm not mistaken. Run it with:

$ python

and direct your browser to http://localhost:8080

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