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Copyright 2007
Ulf Eliasson, eliassou at ituniv dot se
Oscar Hellström, oscar@hellstrom.st

1. What is OCaml-Wmii
2. Prerequisites
3. How to configure
4. How to install

1. What is ocaml-wmii
ocaml-wmii is an OCaml implementation of a wmiirc program.
The wmiirc shipped with Wmii is either sh/awk-based or plan9/rc based.
Earlier only an sh-variant existed. Due to a wish to increase the response time
in wmii, an OCaml version of was built.
ocaml-wmii tries to separate configuration from the logic of the program, and
also tries to have an as small as possible configuration file.
The configuration file is written in OCaml, so there is no need to parse config
files / verify data etc. at runtime. This however can make it a but inflexible
to use for users not comfortable with editing OCaml source files or compiling

2. Prerequisites
You will need OCaml-9P (http://github.com/oscarh/ocaml9p) to build

3. How to configure
Open the src/wmii_conf.ml and edit to your preference.
Check the plugin directory if there is something you might want to use.

4. How to install
Save your wmii_conf.ml and run make.
Then copy the resulting binary (wmiirc) to your local wmii config directory.
This can usually be found in your WMII_CONFPATH environment variable.