Omni-completion throws errors with zsh #16

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When attempting to auto-complete something like global:register_name from global:register_, the omni completion finishes with _name, but in the popup displays the following:

zsh:1: no matches found: /usr/lib/erlang/man/man?/global.? f
zsh:1: no matches found: /usr/lib/erlang/man/man?/global.? f
zsh:1: no matches found: /usr/lib/erlang/man/man?/global.? f
zsh:1: no matches found: /usr/lib/erlang/man/man?/global.? f


Any thoughts?

My Auto-complete is working now. Though i'm not 100% sure what finally did it.

I suggest making sure you have erlang's manuals installed. Also i removed the link to the manual in my /usr/lib/erlang folder.

I'm not sure if removing that linked helped or not, the reason i removed it in the first place is dialyzer was trying to follow the symlink and was throwing errors.

oscarh commented Mar 25, 2012

Sorry about not responding. Not coding much in Erlang these days and this plugin version is rather neglected. This fork is much more active:


Thanks; still having a problem there but I'll debug further.

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