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Vim plugin for the programming language Erlang.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Folding
  • Code completion (based on Mod:module_info/0 to use the Erlang introspection mechanism)
  • Auto-indent
  • QuickFix


How to use it

Read the README to install it.


Folding is now disabled by default. Put let g:erlangFold=1 in your ~/.vimrc to activate. When folding is active, you can use the vim Fold commands to operate on the syntax folds.

Omni completion

Open an Erlang file with Vim and after the name of a module Mod: presh CTRL-X CTRL-O to activate the omni completion. You need to have installed escript, the standard Erlang installation comes with it.


These people and a few more contributed with the code of this plugin: