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Trello Inspired Todo List
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Trello-Inspired ToDo App.

Required User Stories:

Check what's already done in your starting app:

  • User can see the list of Todo items on the home page
  • The Todo list and items should look similar to Trello Lists and Cards (free free to customize any color)
  • User can click a Done button next to an undone item to complete it
  • User can click an Undo button next to a done item to undo it

Check new features

  • User can create a new List so that she can maintain more than one list horizontally
  • User can cancel the list form after clicking on the "Add a list" text
  • User can add a new item by clicking on "Add an item..." and can click Cancel if desired
  • User can drag to re-order items in a list and the list saves automatically
  • User can drag an item from one list to another and both lists save automatically

Optional User Stories:

  • User can rename a list. For example “Today” to “Inbox”
  • User can delete an item
  • User can delete a list
  • User can rename the current's list's name

Additional User Stories:

  • User can add items without reloading the page
  • User can re-order lists using drag & drop and their position gets saved automatically
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