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Grails plugins with same validations and features for brazilian localization
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Br Validation

Implements same validations in Grails constraints for units used in application from Brazil: CPF, CNPJ and CEP. CPF - Cadastro de Pessoa Física (like a Security Social Numeber in USA) CNPJ - Cadastro Nacional de Pessoa Juridica CEP - Postal Code to Brazilian territory


Add the dependency to BuildConfig:

dependencies {
    // specify dependencies here under either 'build', 'compile', 'runtime', 'test' or 'provided' scopes eg.
    runtime 'org.grails.plugins:br-validation:0.3'


In domain class add constaints to CEP, CPF and CNPJ fields. Ex.:

class PessoaFisica {
    String nome
    Date dataNascimento
    String cpf
    static constraints {
        cpf cpf:true
class PessoaJuridica {
    String nome
    String razaoSocial
    String cnpj
    static constraints {
        cnpj cnpj:true
class Pessoa {
    String nome
    String cpfCnpj
    static constraints {
        cpfCnpj cpfcnpj: true


The CPF and CNPJ validated by BrValidation can have two formats: with and without mark characters (mask):

With Mask: CPF : 671.473.226-06 CNPJ: 74.053.840/0001-59 Without Mask: CPF : 67147322606 CNPJ: 74053840000159

The way that will be used to validate is configured in Config.groovy. Add the following entry:


then, if you define:


the BrValidation will consider a valid CPF or CNPJ when they has mask. In the same way if unmasked is configured only unmasked data will pass in validation. If both is configured, boths, masked and unmasked data is validated.

Tag Lib

Now the BrValidation has a tag to format unmasked data to render masked one. For this use the tag bellow in gsp files:

<g:formatCpf cpf="${personInstance.cpf"/>
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