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This is a simple class with some utils to build websites with the following features:

Paths and URI

Manage the path of the app and the public uri using the UriInterface from PSR-7:

use Fol\App;
use Zend\Diactoros\Uri;

$path = '/var/www/my-website';
$uri = new Uri('http://localhost/my-website');

$app = new App($path, $uri);

//Get the path
$app->getPath(); // /var/www/my-website
$app->getPath('dir/subdir', '../other'); // /var/www/my-website/dir/other

//Get the uri
(string) $app->getUri(); // http://localhost/my-website
(string) $app->getUri('post/1', 'details'); // http://localhost/my-website/post/1/details


It's compatible with PSR-11 and container-interop/service-provider, and allows to nest other containers:

use Fol\App;
use Zend\Diactoros\Uri;

$app = new App(__DIR__, new Uri('http://localhost/my-website'));

//Set a value
$app->set('database.config', [
    'user' => 'foo',
    'pass' => 'bar'

//Get the value
$config = $app->get('database.config');

//Set a service
$app->addService('database', function ($app) {
    return new DatabaseClass($app->get('database.config'));

//Get the service value
$database = $app->get('database');

//Add other sub-containers compatible with PSR-11

//And add ServiceProviderInterface instances to register several dependencies
$app->addServiceProvider(new MyServiceProvider());

Please see CHANGELOG for more information about recent changes.

The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.