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Created by Oscar Otero http://oscarotero.com oom@oscarotero.com

License: MIT

This project contains a set of opinionated css classes that you can use in your web projects. Support for all HTML5 modern browsers, mobiles and IE9+

Image replacement

Use the class image combinated with other class providing the image, with and height. Example:

.logo {
	background-image: url('my-logo.png');
	width: 300px;
	height: 300px;
<span class="image logo">My logo</span>

<span class="image logo"><a href="#">My logo with link</a></span>

Aspect ratio

Keeps the aspect ratio of <iframes>, <embed> or any other element while make them elastic:

<div class="aspect-ratio aspect-ratio-16-9">
	<iframe src="youtube-content.html">

<!-- By default is applied only to iframe, object and embed, but you can apply to other elements (divs, imgs, videos, etc) using the class .aspect-ratio-target -->
<div class="aspect-ratio aspect-ratio-4-3">
	<div class="aspect-ratio-target">This div has an aspect ratio of 4/3</div>


.button is a generic class that you can extend to build a button using any html element (button, span, link, input, etc). Using .button-select, you can create a simple dropdown with a select element with pure css.


.link is a generic class to build link-style elements. It's like .button, but for links. You can create links also with selects and there is the .link-select class to create a dropdown element with link appearance.

Other classes:

  • .clear To apply the clearfix
  • .hidden, .invisible, .visuallyhidden Various ways to hide elements