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Javascript gettext translator
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Gettext translator

Javascript gettext translator. Use gettext/gettext PHP library to generate and modify the messages.


  • AMD
  • CommonJS
  • Global js


npm install gettext-translator


Use the Json generator of the gettext/gettext library to export the translations to json:

use Gettext\Translations;

//Load the po file with the translations
$translations = Translations::fromPoFile('locales/gl.po');

//Export to a json file

Load the json file in your browser (for example, using webpack) and use it

var Translator = require('gettext-translator');
var translations = require('locales/gl.json');

var i18n = new Translator(translations);

console.log(i18n.gettext('hello world')); //ola mundo


This library includes sprintf dependency implemented in the short methods like __, n__, etc...:

i18n.__('Hello %s', 'world'); //Hello world
i18n.n__('One comment', '%s comments', 12, 12); //12 comments


Long method Short + sprintf description
gettext __ Returns a translation
ngettext n__ Returns a translation with singular/plural variations
dngettext dn__ Returns a translation with domain and singular/plural variations
npgettext np__ Returns a translation with context and singular/plural variations
pgettext p__ Returns a translation with a specific context
dgettext d__ Returns a translation with a specific domain
dpgettext dp__ Returns a translation with a specific domain and context
dnpgettext dnp__ Returns a translation with a specific domain, context and singular/plural variations
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