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Build Status ElectronPlayer

An Electron Based Web Video Services Player. Supporting Netflix, Youtube, Twitch, Floatplane And More. This is the successor to Netflix-Desktop.

ElectronPlayer Menu

The apps main menu interface


  • Rough Mac Picture in Picture Support (Floating Window, Above All Desktop and Fullscreen Applications)
  • Always On Top Window
  • Frameless Window
  • Multiple Streaming Services Support (JSON Configuration to add extra)
  • Set Startup Page (Any Service or Remember Last Opended Page)



Please note Windows is currently only partially supported, as it doesn't support the Widevine package I am using. I am working on fixing this. Its progress can be loosely tracked in issue #2


Download the DMG Installer from the Github Releases here.

Linux Snap

You can install ElectronPlayer with a snap. This is recommended method of installation for Linux as automatic updates will occur.

snap install electronplayer

Linux AppImage

Download the AppImage from the Github Releases here.

Arch Linux AUR

There is an unofficial package on the Arch Linux User Repository provided by @Scrumplex.



A huge thanks to the following people for contributing and helping shape this project.


Sorry in advance that build system currently to get the app working is a mess and requires multiple package.json's this will hopefully be fixed in the future. Please contact me if you need help.

git clone
cd ElectronPlayer/

# For Linux
ln -s package.linux.json package.json
# For Mac
ln -s package.mac.json package.json

npm install
npm start


  • Updated Electron Widevine
  • Update All DEPS
  • Add Tests
  • Add Windows Build Support
  • Add Greenkeeper Bot

Should fix at some point

  • Menubar Transparency Glitch On Mac
  • Netflix breaks when relaunching window (eg. Enabling PIP)
  • Possibly Add Code Signing
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