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Fixed application not launching bug on the Linux Snap release. Added Hulu to the default services. Updated configuration update code to prompt the user less when updating the app.

Sorry for the last week of releases a quick recap of what happened is:

  • Netflix dropped support for the browser version this app was using
  • I rushed an update (Had been struggling to do this for a few months) and pushed the update
  • The update broke the snap. It would not show the window.
  • I pushed a heap of fixes that didn't work and they reflected how tired I was when I wrote them (not a good thing).
  • This update is being pushed and should resolve all the issues stated above.
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WARNING - Fix doesn't work
A quick fix because something in the last release was breaking the Linux snap. Something was doing a blocked system call. This release changes the snap confinement to classic which is really bad but it will fix the error (and stop people contacting me) until I can make a better solution over the next few days.

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Fixed broken Netflix player and a bunch of other cool updates and bug fixes including a new slick looking logo thanks to Elia Maggioni.

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@oscartbeaumont oscartbeaumont released this Apr 27, 2019

Removed React, moved icons to svgs and added new loading animation.

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Fixed Final Linux Bugs and Extra Feature Fixes & Improvements

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Mar 30, 2019
Merge pull request #5 from oscartbeaumont/version2
Version 2 - ElectronPlayer

@oscartbeaumont oscartbeaumont released this Mar 30, 2019

Complete redesign now with support for many streaming services and new features. WARNING: There are still a few bugs in this version you may not want to use it currently!

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@oscartbeaumont oscartbeaumont released this Jul 11, 2018 · 93 commits to master since this release

First and Probably Final Release. Windows Does Not Have A Release Target Because Of TravisCI Being Used And I Couldn't Get It To Compile Using Wine (Contact Me If You Want To Try). Also Windows Has A Built In Netflix App.

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