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This should be the replacement for bidiatool
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A Bifurcation Diagram Tool based on Niche PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization)

I live in Mexico and need a job (I am interested in "remote" or "work-from-home" jobs).

This is a project (my first serious project) I've been developing for a year and a half now (approximately). Now I would like to use this a sample of what I can do (with help from the Scala community).

This project isn't finished (yet). But you can try the tests with:

sbt test

You can read about this project in my thesis (it is thesis.pdf, a work that still has to be reviewed).

This is my first serious software project and I started almost from zero, because I learned to program by myself (mostly reading books, from Internet and asking on mailing lists and at IRC channels).

If by any chance you know about "remote jobs" where I could be help (I can learn fast), email me at:

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