This is an implementation of the Muscle Spindle model (specifically Mileusnic et al.'s 2006 model) that executes in real-time. A GUI offers intuitive control for those seeking to learn about the muscle spindle.
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This is an implementation of Mileusnic et al's model of the Muscle Spindle [1] in Matlab/Simulink. It includes the model, a test script, and an interactive GUI that allows direct manipulation of the model. It is provided as-is under the MIT License (LICENSE). If you have any questions, please contact the author.

You can find more details in RTMuscleSpindle.pdf, a technical report explaining this system and providing background information. If you use this system in an academic application, please cite as:

Oliver S. Schneider. An Interactive Simulation of the Muscle Spindle. UBC Technical Report, 2015.

How to run

To start the GUI, please run MuscleSpindleGUI.m in Matlab.

To test the model, please run MuscleSpindleTest.mdl in Simulink.


Oliver Schneider


1. Mileusnic, M. P., Brown, I. E., Lan, N., & Loeb, G. E. (2006). Mathematical models of proprioceptors. I. Control and transduction in the muscle spindle. Journal of Neurophysiology, 96(4), 1772–88.