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OSClass 2.4.1 2012-05-22
- Fixed creation of search pagination url
- Watermark image should be a PNG
- Fixed bug in item > settings
- Show the correct values in the footer of datatables
- Upgrade is fixed when you came from versions with the country in multiple languages
- Use osc_esc_js in javascript localization
- Add currency button is clickable now
- Fixed javascript error in custom fields
- Corrected multiple typos in strings
OSClass 2.4.0 2012-05-02
- Admin layout redesign
- Better performance in search queries
- Install OSClass in your language
- Customize permalinks
- Recalculate category and location stats
- New alert system. Now the alerts are saved in a JSON format
- Two more options in custom fields: url and checkbox
- AJAX in plugins
- Internationalization of date and time strings
- Throw Exceptions while installing a plugin and show the error message
- Bug fixed: generate images from original and not normal
- Fixed some minor bugs
- [ Modern theme ] Some enhancements in search filters: nicer checkbox and show the region of the city in the city filter
- [ Modern theme ] New flash messages design
OSClass 2.3.7 2012-04-11
- Changed blog feed url
- Fixed a js bug with quote marks in manage comments
- Pagination bug in manage media
- Added osc_resource_preview_url helper
- Don't show duplicated items when "pics only" filter is selected in search
OSClass 2.3.6 2012-03-05
- PHP Warning in user profile when the description was empty
- Added missing helper: osc_reset_resources
- Contact publisher is working OK now
- Database errors during the installation are caught correctly. Now if you don't set well the database configuration, it warns you
- Fixed redirect after wrong reCAPTCHA code after posting an item
- We've removed PHP warnings from HTMLPurifier library
- Default currency is selected in item forms
- We've added more checks in image deletion
OSClass 2.3.5 2012-01-16
- Escape quotes in attr values of input tags using a new helper: osc_esc_html
- PHP Warning if the user doesn't have a description in his profile
- PHP Warning in Search model
- Modified behavior in add/edit form of custom fields
- Style of radio buttons in custom fields
- JS error in add/edit page in oc-admin
- XSS vulnerabilities in search page
- SQL injections in search page and AJAX request in oc-admin (need to be logged as an admin)
OSClass 2.3.4 2012-01-03
- Deleting all admins bug fixed
- Multiple installs bug fixed
- Feeds url using permalinks
- SQL error using picture only items bug fixed
- Some hooks were added on admin
- SQL optimized a little more
OSClass 2.3.3 2011-12-17
- Removed upgrade and upgrade-plugins files
- Minor fix when editing the comments in oc-admin
- Minor fix in the installation process if the config.php file exists
OSClass 2.3.2 2011-12-13
- Delete images when editing an item from oc-admin
- Change type of the column s_what in t_item_description
- Modified in the upgrade the type of s_what column in t_item_description
OSClass 2.3.1 2011-12-02
- Redirect to last page after logging in works with permalinks too
- Reconnect to database when getting serialize object for Alerts
- Don't load public user profile if it doesn't exist
- Decrease category stats works fine now
- Don't send admin notification when admin create a user
- Clear "Mark as" option in oc-admin
OSClass 2.3 2011-11-24
- New DAO (Database Access Object)
- Debug options to show or log queries and errors
- Added an option to enable/disable plugins. So, you won't lose the information of this plugin
- User is redirected to last visited page when he/she logs in
- New notifications: e-mail to the admin when a new user is registered, e-mail to the publisher when a new comment is added
- Profile page for users in the front-end
- Full text search engine for searches
- Static pages can be ordered now
- New type of custom fields: select and radio button
- Improved price format, now you can set: number of decimals, decimals separator and thousands separator
- [Modern theme] Profile page for users
- [Modern theme] Explanatory messages when contact form is not showed
OSClass 2.2.3 2011-09-26
- Bug fix: with plugins in Windows environments
- Fixed an error when installing a new plugin if some plugin has been removed from the plugin directory
- Bug fix: when user modifies the location in edit item
- Bug fix: we're not using filter_var function any more
- Bug fix: manage item doesn't crack if category name is not set
- Bug fix: notify admin of new items works in all the cases now
- Bug fix: check blank parameters in forgot-password-post, user-change-password and contact form
- Bug fix: mailserver setting in oc-admin works fine in different environments
- Pagination Class: now can be inherited
- Fixed some minor Notice errors
OSClass 2.2.2 2011-08-25
- Now attr [type|src|charset|defer] of script html tag are not removed in widgets
- Fixed some AJAX issues related to locations
- If some file theme don't exists, we take the file from gui folder
- Minor fix in sanitize item url
- Created a define for DEMO purposes
- Modified how admin password is set during the installation
- Multi-byte characters in watermarks
- Removed mysql NOW() parameter from everywhere, now the insert/update dates should be the system dates
- Fixed some minor issues with locations when add/edit new items
- osc_static_page_mod_date function take the correct value now
- Custom pages shouldn't allow as internal name the file names
- Fixed alert subscription
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Fixed some PHP Warnings
- [Modern theme] Logo image is not converted now
- [Modern theme] Some minor style changes
OSClass 2.2.1 2011-08-04
- Fixed: show recaptcha in edit item if it's configured
- Fixed: if you have another table_prefix, it show the latest items + items in the search list
OSClass 2.2 2011-08-01
- New layout and more filters in manage items
- Added custom fields (for items)
- Watermark on pictures
- Helpers for Rewrite::get_location and Rewrite::get_section
- Premium ads (see paypal plugin)
- Plurals in translations
- Improved inputs related to locations
- Improved error page in the front theme
- Worlwide option is disabled in the installation
- Permalinks with Chinese an Arabic characters works
- All known bugs have been fixed fixed
OSClass 2.1.1 2011-06-22
- Filter of title and description is not too restrictive now
- Fixed a warning message when there aren't categories
- Fixed error checkdnsrr in windows
- We don't show price filters or any field related with prices when it is disabled
OSClass 2.1 2011-06-14
- Help messages if you don't pass the requirements in the installer
- Ping search engines in the installation
- Change password at the end of the installation
- Limit amount of items per user in a set time
- Limit the number of photos that the user can add in an item
- Statistics module: new users, new items...
- Skip admin validation if the user has more than a defined number of items/comments
- Improved category management: you can reorder, edit, delete, disable in the same page
- Upload a logo to the header
- Disable adding new items in root categories
- Fill automatically the fields in case that something goes wrong
- Delete photos of items via ajax
- Improved pagination in search page
- Added maintenance mode (in case you want to disable the website to the users)
- Email verification on alerts
- Disable contact item for non-registered users
- Fancybox in modern theme
- Improved expiration features
- Some bugs fixed
OSClass 2.0.3 2011-05-05
- Price is showed fine when there're more than one language enabled
- Locale Class renamed
- STRICT Standars error in Category Class fixed
- STRICT Standars error in Search Class fixed
- Configure in Manage plugins appears even if the folder is a soft-link
- [Modern theme] Input select in user dashboard has jquery.uniform style
- Create mb_substr function if not exists
- NOTICE error when users send an item to a friend
- Upload images in IIS Servers
- [Modern theme] Sidebar in main page shows now only regions fo the active items
- [Modern theme] CSS category drop down improvements so the hierarchy of subcategories are visible.
OSClass 2.0.2 2011-04-20
- RSS fixed, now works fine if you write sFeed=rss or sFedD= in the search url.
- In the item detail page, now the num views is the sum of all the days.
- file_get_contents replaced for curl. Added a library that emulates curl if it's not installed.
- Fixed NOTICE error when a user updates the profile.
- Update process improved for future versions.
OSClass 2.0.1 2011-04-12
- Country displays correctly even if there are multiple languages installed.
- City autocomplete works in search sidebar
- Fixed forgot password in oc-admin
- Recaptcha works fine in recover password
- Fixed helper of format_price. Now it takes from s_currency_format in languages
- Specify more the errors in installation process
- If a user change the e-mail, it also changes now in the alert system
- Prefill categories select with a default string instead of the first category
OSClass 2.0 2011-04-06
- Added several helpers to
- Remember me is working in admin and user login.
- Fixed RSS.
- Fixed a lot of flash messages.
- If ZipArchive is not compiled, now we use an external lib: pclzip.
- Pre-fill comment form.
- Improved photos validation through mime.
- Auto-login after a user has validated an account.
- Improved comment moderation.
- Plugins/themes can be translated.
- Permalinks: most links are user-friendly now.
- New user dashboard.
- Registered users can delete here own comments.
- Recaptcha added to: comments, recover password, item contact.
- Several small bugs fixed.
OSClass 2.0 RC 2011-02-23
- New structure based on Classes
- Helpers: now there are a lot of functions that help the developer to modify the themes easily
- Added a test that add fake content
- New class to get external params (get, post, cookies, request)
- New e-mails added in the installer
- Translation uses a singleton
- There are three files in languages: core.po, messages.po (for flash_messages), theme.po
OSClass 1.2 delta 2011-01-12
- New whole system of permalinks
- Improved user profiles
- ImageResize Class improved
- Minor bugs fixed
OSClass 1.2 beta 2010-12-14
- Users can register without confirmation
- Small changes in installer
OSClass 1.2 alpha 2010-12-07
- Add alerts system (users could subscribe to search results, and we'll be notified in case there're new ads)
- Several small bugs fixed
OSClass 1.1 2010-11-29
- Add item from backoffice
- User can not be contacted if the item is expired
- Feed plugin
- Banner management plugin
- JSON works even if is not loaded with php (using a JSON class)
- Indelible pages are not shown
- Sort categories by position (this position is set in oc-admin)
- Search and pagination bugs fixed
- Mail bugs fixed
- Small bugs fixed
OSClass 1.1 RC 2010-11-22
- Fixed installation and locations (in oc-admin) problems. Now, even though allow_url_fopen is disabled, it works well.
- Now if you activate a new language and you haven't translated categories yet, it shows in other language that is available.
- SMTP is working well now.
- Added default currency feature
- Small bugs fixed
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