It is rumored that Nigerians only know how to consume tools and not create them. Here is a curation of awesome tools built by Nigerians that can be used by anybody and from anywhere in the world.
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Made. In. Nigeria.

A curation of awesome tools and projects built by Nigerian developers 🔥.

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  • ACM - An Automated Counselling Machine [ACM] that intelligently suggests areas of study to student users by interacting with them. By @DOkwufulueze
  • Alix - Alix, a Chrome extension for a11y.css. By @ireaderinokun
  • Altair - A sleek graphQL client app for querying GraphQL servers, like Postman for graphQL. It also comes as a Chrome extension. By @imolorhe
  • Angular-tag - Tags input directive for AngularJS. By @theo4me
  • Angular2-Sails-starter-pack - A starter pack for angular2 based projects using sails backend, integrating hot reload functionalities. By @mozartted
  • Angular4-paystack - This is an angular module that abstracts the complexity of making paystack payments with Angular2+. By @ashinzekene
  • AppFramer - AppFramer helps to put your app screenshots in beautiful device frames with annotations by running a simple command By @olucurious
  • APX - A Javafx Library for building MVC Applications. By @othreecodes
  • Atom-Go-Imports A plugin for Atom Editor to add import statements to Go codes. By @abiosoft
  • Atom Aurelia snippets - A plugin for Atom Editor to autocomplete aurelia snippets when working with Aurelia.By @unicodeveloper
  • Atom Material Palenight Syntax - 🍹🍩 An elegant and juicy material-like theme for Atom. By @mrolaolu
  • AutoStartup - Shell Script to automate terminal tab opening and custom command execution. By @DOkwufulueze
  • auto-startupd - A daemon that executes custom commands automatically in the background and makes them stay alive even after the terminal is exited. It sends command output to either nohup.out, the /dev/null black hole, or a custom file, depending on the option selected by the user. By @DOkwufulueze




  • date-selection-manager - This manager takes care of date entries via select elements. It prevents the entry of invalid dates like February 30, June 31, or February 29 on a non-leap year. By @DOkwufulueze
  • Display Medium Posts - Display Medium Posts is a wordpress plugin that allows users display posts from on any part of their website. Available on the WordPress store. By @ace_kyd
  • Dockward - Port forwarding tool for Docker containers. By @abiosoft
  • dumb_password_rails - Rails Password Validator. Validate your user passwords and prevent them from using vulnerable passwords. By @arinzeokeke






  • Icicle - An annotation based tool for saving and restoring instance states. By @segunfamisa
  • IGdm - Multi-platform Desktop application for INSTAGRAM DMs. By @@teddyskillz2
  • Ijeawele - A Browser Extension that displays a random suggestion from the Dear Ijeawele book by Chimamnda Adichie. By @viclotana
  • ImgR - ImgR.NET aims at automating the process of serving Images dynamically based on the client device. By @mykeels
  • Inlinetweetjs - InlineTweet.js allows you to easily create tweetable links out of any text on a webpage. By @ireaderinokun
  • IntentManip - Gives more control over implicit intents creation and the way it is presented to users.. By @Kingsmentor
  • Instaword - InstaWord is a Chrome and Opera browser plugin that makes learning new words much easier. By @ace_kyd
  • ip-num - ip-num is a TypeScript library for working with IP Resources(ASN, IPV4, IPV6). By @dadepo
  • iShell - Library for creating interactive CLI applications with Go. By @abiosoft










  • Radixx - a simple library that implements the Facebook Flux Architecture with a twist to how the entire application state is managed and changed/updated By @isocroft
  • Random48LawsOfPower - Chrome extension that shows a random law from the popular '48 Laws of Power' Book. By @acekyd
  • Rationale - Android permission rationale helper dialog. By @Kingsmentor
  • RavePHP - A very simple interface for integrating the Rave Payment Gateway to your PHP application. By @gladchinda
  • React-Raise - A cli kit for creating react applications. By @ash__amao
  • react-webpack-starter - A boiler plate for creating react applications bundled by webpack (using ES6, Babel, SASS and the webpack development server). By @temilaj
  • require_all - An npm module to require all javascript or json files in a directory By @Kayslaycode
  • Reuq - Frontend Javascript framework. By @ifedapoolarewaju
  • River - Lightweight REST framework for Go. By @abiosoft



  • TinyPress - Create and easily manage your blog on Github. By @kehers
  • Toast.js - A library for Toast messages By @ireaderinokun
  • TweetThreader - A tool to create threads on Twitter By @thisisudo
  • TwittaSave - Web, Android and Chrome Extension that enables you to download videos and gifs from tweets to your device easily; built using Twitter API. By @emmakoko96
  • TigerJS JavaScript Library - A general purpose javascript framework provideing numerous modules and abstractions including for XHR , DOM, Widgets, Date, String methods and much more to enhance Javascript application development **By @solutionstack
  • Time - Type-safe time calculations in Kotlin, powered by generics. By @kizitonwose