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Kill the tab clutter: Cross Browser Extension to manage your tabs

NOTE: This extension is still under active development, so there might be some bugs or glitches. Feel free to tweak around with it and report any bugs/features you'd like to see.


We all like keeping our tabs and not kill them (who knows which tab might prove to be useful some day). This always creates clutter, and you end up with multiple windows with hundreds of tabs. Not only is it really hard to manage, but hogs up your system resources like anything.

TabuRei is an all-in-one browser extension to manage and store your tab clutter and restore them on the fly. It is fully Open-Source, and loaded with features.


  • Fully Open-Source.
  • Minimalistic, Bloat free.
  • Save system resources and clear your browser's clutter.
  • Easy to use and manage.
  • Loaded with features for all use-cases.


  • See a list of all your opened tabs in one place.
  • Collapse and save all your tabs on one click.
  • Restore all tabs in one window.
  • Group tabs and manage them in one place.
  • Move tabs to different groups by dragging.
  • Restored tabs retain various properties like their container, pinned state, reader mode etc.
  • Intuitive UI & Dark Mode!


Development Setup

Find the detailed Development Setup Guide here

Live Demo