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OSD Lyrics - Show lyrics with your favorite media player.


OSD Lyrics is a lyrics show compatible with various media players. It is not a plugin but a standalone program. OSD Lyrics shows lyrics on your desktop, in the style similar to KaraOK. It also provides another displaying style, in which lyrics scroll from bottom to top. OSD Lyrics can download lyrics from the network automatically.

OSD Lyrics is released under GPL v3. See COPYING for more detail.


To use OSD Lyrics, just launch your media player, then launch OSD Lyrics. OSD Lyrics will detect and connect to the media player. 

Contact Us

The home page of OSD Lyrics is

The source repository is on Github:

If there is any feature request, suggestion, or bug, feel free to report them to

The support mail list is You can also visit


 - Help translate:
 - Patch or bug report:
 - Any visual design is welcome :)
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