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Don't let hl-line stomp on formatting.

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1 parent 1cea97b commit 348a923c559f2c1bff0ad6eb2b0ff1f971fb37d6 @sellout sellout committed Apr 5, 2012
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@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@ the \"Gen RGB\" column in solarized-definitions.el to improve them further."
(linum ((t (,@fg-base01 ,@bg-base02))))
(header-line ((t (,@fg-base0 ,@bg-base02 ,@fmt-revbb)))) ; Pmenu
(highlight ((t (,@bg-base02))))
- (hl-line ((t (,@fmt-uopt ,@bg-base02)))) ; CursorLine
+ (hl-line ((t (:underline ,opt-under ,@bg-base02)))) ; CursorLine
(isearch ((t (,@fmt-stnd ,@fg-orange ,@bg-back)))) ; IncSearch
(isearch-fail ((t (,@fmt-stnd ,@fg-orange ,@bg-back)))) ; IncSearch
(lazy-highlight ((t (,@fmt-revr ,@fg-yellow ,@bg-back)))) ; Search

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