Unoffical Flowdock XMPP (Jabber) Gateway
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Unofficial Flowdock XMPP (Jabber) Gateway


You can connect to flowdock-xmpp using your personal API token in your JID (you can pick any value for your password).

If you are not eager to run your own instance of flowdock-xmpp you can connect to a public one by using <API_TOKEN>

Joining rooms

If your client supports XMPP bookmarks you can use them to join flows;

  • In Psi right click the server name and select the desired bookmark.

Otherwise, you have to enter room info manually;

  • In Adium choose File -> Join Group Chat and enter room info as follows:
    • Chat Room Name: flow-name#room-name. For example, if your flow url is you should enter it as foo-bar#main
    • Server: This should be the hostname of the flowdock-xmpp instance. For example,



First you might want to install libicu-dev package for your operating system. See the installation guide at for instructions. If you skip this step a slower JavaScript fallback is used instead.

Getting flowdock-xmpp

You can install flowdock-xmpp using npm install -g flowdock-xmpp.

Building it manually

After you install leiningen you can build and run flowdock-xmpp using

lein cljsbuild once
node bin/flowdock-xmpp.js

Possible environment configuration

  • FLOWDOCK_XMPP_DOMAIN: the domain you want to use for XMPP JIDs (defaults to system hostname).

  • FLOWDOCK_XMPP_KEY: path to a key file to be used for TLS connections (optional).

  • FLOWDOCK_XMPP_CERT: path to a cert file to be used for TLS connections (optional).


This project is not affiliated with Flowdock. Use it at your own risk.