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Effective Cygwin is a collection of configurations and instructions designed to set up Cygwin to closely mimic a linux bash shell by puttying into your local cygwin environment to get the benefits of a putty terminal. Keep in mind this is still far from a true linux terminal and you will likely run into some compatibility issues.


  1. Download Puttycyg. When you start puttycyg create a new saved session called local with command: - and port -. Select Cygterm as the connection type and save.

  2. Set up your session shortcut. Create a shortcut to your putty.exe and add the following command line paramters to your target field -load local e.g. C:\tools\puttycyg-20101029\putty.exe -load local. Here local represents the name of the saved session we created in step 1 to be loaded automatically when the shortcut is selected. In the shortcut settings you can also supply a shortcut key command to open puttycyg. Personally I like to use Ctrl + Alt + T.

  3. Configure Cygwin HOME. First make sure to set the Windows HOME variable e.g. HOME=C:\Users\MY_USER. Then execute the following command: mkpasswd -l -p "$(cygpath -H)" > /etc/passwd

    This will set the home dir of each user to be that users directory. important - remember that ssh (e.g. if you are using git) explicitly ignores the HOME variable.

  4. OPTIONAL install effective-cygwin configuration files. If you've followed the above steps correctly your C:\Users\MY_USER directory is now the home directory of your cygwin installation. As such putting a .bashrc, .bash_profile or .vimrc configuration files here like the ones included in this repo will ensure it is executed by the cygwin terminal.


Non-cygwin interactive prompts often do not work in cygwin. See this google code issue.

Do not install python port through cygwin. Version 2.6 is OLD. Install through windows installer. To fix the interactive prompt start using: python -i

No known way of making MongoDb interactive prompt work in cygwin :(