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Change log since v3.2.7:

  • 33c3487 feat: floating window for liquid keyboard
  • 963998f feat: config apps not save draft, increase save draft frequency
  • b18c7ec chore: move acticity part to activity alias
  • 2055637 feat: manage data in clipboard / draft / collection
  • 0058e89 fix: hide_comment not works
  • 4c39d67 fix(config): endless loop in setTheme
  • 1ce3bec chore: disable desugaring temporarily
  • ce55836 refactor(res): polish translations
  • f36ff94 refactor: apply spotless check
  • c6db387 fix(ui): "Sync in background" preference never show the time and status of last sync
  • fa4dbbb refactor(ui): improve code logic in ColorPickerDialog
  • 96ed341 chore: set compileOptions
  • 129b90b refactor(ui): improve code logic in SoundPickerDialog
  • 0dfcf07 fix(ui): fail to enable or disable schema(s) sometimes
  • 1d9f2e8 refactor(ui): improve code logic in ThemePickerDialog
  • 3bad159 refactor(ui): apply new progress dialog implementation
  • ed92809 refactor(util): implement withLoadingDialog for lifecycleCoroutineScope
  • 44f5372 refactor(ui): rename classes to be consistent with new preference names
  • be95e64 refactor(ui): reorganize preference screen
  • 545a392 refactor(ui): apply MainViewModel to PerfMainActivity and its fragments
  • 305bf2b refactor(ui): new MainViewModel
  • 63fd86b refactor(ui): put all ui-related files into ui directory
  • 1d28629 refactor(components): optimize logic in SchemaPickerDialog
  • fee2036 refactor(components): optimize logic in ResetAssetsDialog
  • 26849eb refactor(data): replace prepareRime with sync in Config
  • 1781a59 feat(data): implement data synchronization in DataManager
  • 5b48bc2 fix: num key not work, show shift label when alt/meta/ctrl on
  • 57188bc perf: show ascii label when ascii_punct on
  • 3ae3273 fix: shift_lock value ascii_long not work
  • 72845e3 fix: commit char when librime not process key
  • 56170d9 feat: ignore modifer keys when preset key has modifer
  • 76fc165 feat: not use shifted label when Shift lock ignored
  • cd72053 fix: modifier state lost when longclick keys
  • 9b8d8d8 fix: some key with shift couldn't input in ascii mode
  • 6da7a58 feat: change key label when shift key on
  • 23b6de4 fix: bug in modify keys
  • d5ad817 feat: ignore Shift locke for space, number and symbol
  • 908637e feat: show variable length keys in liquid keyboard
  • 652a867 chore: upgrade capnp to 0.10.2
  • cb342c3 fix: long click to delete wrong behaviour
  • 3447848 chore: clean dead code in manifest
  • f58516d fix: fix copy text crash issue
  • c685ddf chore: upgrade gradle to 7.5
  • 8f4d027 fix: missing default.custom.yaml
  • 7a9a691 fix: wrong key background
  • 3d0c03d refactor: improve commit text logic and performance
  • 53b22c3 fix: KP_0 - KP_9 could not input
  • 0572618 fix: selected text not provide to presetkey option
  • 05428eb chore(gradle): get git branch info from ci
  • 9fb5c3d feat: long click to delete clipboard item
  • 7cacd64 chore: bump version to 3.2.8


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Change log since v3.2.6:

  • 8f12815 doc: minor change words in readme
  • 68de0c6 doc: polish readme document [ci skip]
  • f2c2a75 ci: upload arm64_v8a apk and
  • af45cc1 chore: replace name of submodule with repo name
  • 6cd82b6 doc: update build guide (#783)
  • a52f539 pref: add switch for long clicking to delete candidate
  • 1817efa fix: remove duplicated string resource
  • 13b8642 chore: change translation
  • 041c621 chore: click item in about activity to copy build info
  • 6db78b1 feat: add mini keyboard for real keyboard (#765)
  • 0e99167 chore: update cmakelists due the change of librime
  • 4f6239d chore: update librime
  • 41c3afb feat: long click to delete candidate
  • 5e61873 fix,refactor(drawable): adjust icon resources
  • ddec337 feat(settings): add entry to view real-time logs
  • 84836d2 refactor(fragments): separate PrefFragment from PrefMainActivity
  • 9857cd4 feat: enable custom crash activity
  • 2080ce9 refactor(settings): new LogActivity
  • 88935d9 refactor(util): new DeviceInfo
  • d6c0d1e refactor(components): new LogView
  • d034aa0 feat: record last pid for crash logs
  • 1746fa1 chore: add customactivityoncrash dependency
  • 39393f6 refactor(util): new Logcat
  • f7eb94a perf: adjust LiquidKeyboard candidate UI
  • 67975a0 perf: adjust candidate swipe action tigger
  • 8762f0f fix: candidate in windows not hiden when liquidkeyboard shown
  • 72e5a49 fix: switch hide_comment not works
  • 627bc40 feat: swipe left candidates and show liquidkeyboard
  • 3aa2bf0 feat: increase page size modes for candidates
  • 2b23492 feat: design comment position in liquidkeyboard candidates
  • 36b308b feat: show candidates in liquidkeyboard
  • 07b21e7 feat: hook candidate commit to space key
  • 6e54daa feat: define page_size in perf activity
  • d9b4c1f chore: upgrade capn to 0.10.1
  • 2cc35de chore: upgrade capn to 0.10.0
  • 94b85ed chore: upgrade boost to 1.79.0
  • 59cc9fa fix: braceleft and braceright keycode error, commitTextByChar count error
  • 2290a5d fix: real keyboard could not input words
  • 846cd65 feat: add custom qq group in about activity
  • 669171b chore: remove help activity to about activity
  • e4de3ad chore: update build time in about preference
  • 99cb034 chore: completely remove android_keys from the theme
  • 8870368 chore: update build info in about preference
  • be97f7f chore: update opencc phrases file
  • 838aedd chore: upgrade opencc to 1.1.4
  • 5f625d9 chore: show more build info in about preference
  • 384f48f perf: improve dark mode compatibility
  • 4a2c816 perf: add perfs and evolve key swipe
  • 7e81784 fix: liquidkeyboard keywidth not changed when new theme selected
  • 0f0a38f chore(Key): move some event fileds to events and fix some error
  • c0be8b5 chore: remove parse android_keys
  • 2e97211 perf: hide liquidKeyboard when popup keyboard
  • ed24746 feat(liquidkeyboard): design which key in new row
  • a50f4ad chore: change action_label_type to enter_label_mode in theme
  • d428f6c chore: solve conflicts
  • fb99245 feat: define enter key label for different sense
  • bc98e2c fix: keyboard width error when orientation changed
  • 3618367 feat: support switching from other IME
  • 72c35ad chore: apply spotless check result
  • 91e1e5d chore(util): tidy up stray util class or object
  • 968f4d9 chore(broadcast): move IntentReceiver to broadcast, convert it to Kotlin
  • 309210d chore(data): extra opencc part from
  • caabbba chore(symbol): move adapters of Clipboard and Draft to symbol
  • 89a1554 chore(data): move Daos of Clipboard and Draft and DbHelper to data
  • c89a6ec chore: drop PrettyTime dependency
  • 2c7e1f7 chore(data): move DataUtils to data, rename it to DataManager
  • 76d4cee chore(data): move Preferences.kt to data, rename it to AppPrefs.kt
  • 66e4b7f chore(data): move to data
  • 5e442dd chore(setup): fine tune type to cast in
  • e3c850c chore(util): rename YamlUtils to ConfigGetter
  • 269522b chore(util): move and fine tune InputMethodUtils
  • 9827d7b chore(core): enhance handle for Rime notification
  • 979d46d chore(util): fine tune usages
  • 71e5e0b chore(util): remove AndroidVersion.kt
  • 555f086 chore: use Kotlin stdlib jdk8 version
  • ffbccfe chore(jni): minor change for CMake project name
  • ec9dc31 chore(jni): simplification and Clang-Tidy
  • 0387c0f chore(jni): re-registry native methods
  • 972c8f4 chore(core): Move Rime class into core package
  • 31f4f99 chore(jni): add jni-util.h
  • 98819db pref: improve compatibility for hook ctrl+c/v/x
  • 314dff2 pref: add hook keyboard preferences
  • 238c121 pref: preference add auto dark switch
  • 81f5ff9 pref: keyboard support dark/light mode
  • b6dab80 feat: set keyboard_height in preset_keyboards
  • 6618e80 fix: spelling correction
  • 4f0cb48 chore: upgrade ndk to 24.0
  • 920ca05 ci: upgrade action cache to v3
  • ee5c3d6 chore: upgrade librime to latest
  • ab643da chore: upgrade gradle to 7.4.2
  • b95b308 chore: bump version to 3.2.7


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Change log since v3.2.5:

  • 71fce4a feat: enhance modifier key
  • bacd46d perf: enhance ascii mode
  • 5008d36 feat: add symbol switch and symbol label in theme
  • 40f57f2 fix: keyboard modifer not be used
  • 14eadf2 fix: creash in SchemaPicker SoundPicker ThemePicker loading dialog
  • 1a6d9a8 perf: improve adaptation of setup activity
  • 9e59277 chore: print formated init log
  • d8a3379 chore: spotlessApply
  • ee0e0d0 feat: add tab switch for LiquidKeyboard
  • 1ca5135 perf: improve private protect for draft
  • 482a3cd feat: increase imeOptions support
  • 6c8f031 fix: ascii_mode not being set correctly
  • bb6cb34 perf: improve key height and keyboard height
  • 8c1c187 perf: reduse depoly time for theme, color and sound
  • a1bfb62 fix: error reset for sound progress
  • 6a2bbc8 chore: upgrade action to v3
  • 5f47702 chore: upgrade ktlint to 0.44.0
  • d609d72 fix: fix java format violations
  • 4f66967 chore: upgrade spotless to 6.3.0
  • ba5e3df chore: upgrade google java format to 1.15.0
  • b630ca4 chore: remove workaround todo tag
  • 7de8add chore: polish string values
  • c1f6be9 chore: bump version to 3.2.6


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Change log since v3.2.4:

  • 426546e chore(jni): use the phony name of librime-octagram
  • c08f104 fix(jni): fix librime third-party plugins
  • dd56908 chore: upgrade kotlin to 1.6.10
  • 7186d86 chore: upgrade spotless to 6.1.2
  • 27f2c2c chore: upgrade android build to 7.0.4
  • 593a475 chore: upgrade gradle to 7.3.3
  • 12b6e1c refactor/fix(setup): try to fix out-of-scope buttons
  • eb3790d refactor(settings): fully drop deprecated ProgressDialog
  • da5d73d feat(setup): add skip button
  • cc1be99 refactor(setup): fine tune layout of SetupFragment
  • 3b6d853 refactor(setup): apply spotless refactoring
  • 7bd6271 feat(setup): notify user when setup wizard on pause
  • 71dcda4 feat(setup): introduce setup wizard
  • f21b2a0 refactor(settings): minor adjustment for DialogSeekBarPreference
  • 4cd4982 feat: privacy protection for draft
  • 3526ae3 refactor: clipboard and draft
  • 9772300 feat: add draft manager
  • 37dbe5d fix: uncaught exception #657
  • 5fbb652 chore(doc): remove git clone folder
  • 536c618 fix: crashes when switch to ASCII keyboard(fix #624)
  • a6e4a1d fix: crashes without sound yaml file
  • 9e4fc05 feat: add sound param in theme
  • 4f9ea9e feat: add sound package support
  • 8fba667 chore: replace wrong class doc
  • 95afc3d refactor: vars in soundPicker
  • 3ffef79 fix(Sound): crash when soundpackage missing
  • 0252b6f feat: add sound package support
  • b698780 feat: add sticky_lines_land for candidate window
  • 9c968de fix(liquidKeyboard): fix round corner and adjust tongwenfeng
  • 215e8b6 chore: upgrade boost to 1.78.0
  • 3166f6c feat(settings,setup): deploy & sync: don't block the main dispatchers
  • 7726ebf fix(settings): fix some crashes in settings when Trime is not the default IME
  • 55036aa fix(settings): also apply keyboard UI changes while deploying
  • 4cb8108 feat:(settings): the restart after deploy is not required now
  • 1f495e3 fix(jni): fix the freeze after deploy
  • d3d1604 fix: fix shift lock regression in #619
  • 1e63567 fix(util): close #617
  • ad6240c fix(text): show OpenCC comment correctly
  • 13a9e8c fix: use more secure SHA-2
  • 25f7301 chore(ci): use SHA-1 algorithm for cache key is enough
  • 4cb5505 fix(ci): extract essential elements for cache hit
  • 61eee60 chore: bump version to 3.2.5 for next release
  • d6da804 fix: key_text_size判断错误
  • a24d0eb fix: shift选中时,光标移动不生效
  • 22c6c83 fix: key_text_sizesymbol_text_sizekey_long_text_size在style节点下的配置不生效
  • 6e8835c fix: 布局配置读取修改
  • 9ce51de chore: upgrade spotless gradle plugin to 6.0.2
  • ac2e4f1 chore(ci): upgrade to JDK 17 for ci build
  • 0e5f364 feat: add JDK 17 build support
  • c3fc3e9 chore: add workaround for google-java-format broken on JDK 16+
  • ff92f08 chore: upgrade gralde to 7.3.1 to support JDK 17
  • 24688b2 chore: disable universal APK that includes all ABIs
  • f87ac74 feat: enable manually trigger jni build with trick


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Change log since v3.2.3:

  • d35d850 chore: update outdated authors file
  • 9a23203 chore: upgrade ndk to 23.1.7779620
  • 6427e42 fix(core): ignore outdated onUpdateCursorAnchorInfo
  • 2d00361 refactor(core): improve the calculation of cursor RectF
  • 4a5bf92 fix(core): fix popup position problem when composing text disabled
  • 239a62a chore(assets): add notes about margins
  • d2c6486 fix(core): fix the position of candidate popup window
  • 22ee13c fix(ci): set 90 retention days in commit ci
  • c420e62 fix(text): fix onText parsing
  • 4552e84 fix(text): fix a stack overflow in TextInputManager.onText
  • 7c69105 chore: unify workflow name(ci skip)
  • ebf7af0 chore: upgrade opencc to 1.1.3
  • 82f6042 pref(core): remove unnecessary finishComposingText
  • 0409095 fix(jni): fix a null pointer check
  • 6c89453 chore: upgrade prettytime to 5.0.2
  • bcf37bc chore(ci): switch to submodule source code
  • 4c231a9 chore: upgrade capnproto to 0.9.1
  • 118f7f6 chore(ci): change multiple artifacts to ''
  • af542bf chore(ci): skip to install dependency if hit cache
  • 224b23e fix(util): clipboard command: do nothing if clipboard is empty
  • b24bb12 fix(core, util): fix commands that return non-String CharSequence
  • 085d1de fix(text): fix combined shortcuts
  • bea11b2 fix(assets): fix the redo shortcut
  • 368bd4d refactor(core, text): send shortcuts directly
  • 1e77057 refactor(core, text): handle KEYCODE_MENU in Trime directly
  • 8823692 chore(CI): enable JNI cache for release CI
  • 8c673fb chore(CI): add app/build.gradle to the JNI cache hash
  • 27c2198 chore(CI): move to script dir
  • 2253e08 chore(CI): add JNI cache
  • c62d45b fix(core): fix unexpected text clears after popup
  • 7e021f4 fix(TextInputManager): fix the %3 argument of commands
  • d960a75 fix(EditorInstance): fix UninitializedPropertyAccessException
  • 0dee8ee chore: polish English README file
  • 676f609 fix: fix broken build ci badge
  • 1ea4b1e chore: upgrade code style tools
  • 7cfe3ce chore: enable building multiple apks per abi
  • e0950e9 chore: remove obsolete gitattributes rules
  • 6736263 fix(jni): disable statx
  • 93b68b3 chore(jni): allow specifying prebuilt JNI libraries
  • 7a1b187 chore: add name and version to artifactory
  • 35960c0 chore(jni): enable snappy
  • c995915 chore(jni): don't compile library tools
  • 8d9f40e chore(jni): use dependencies from librime as much as possible
  • e45801a chore(build): add more build variants
  • f323fd5 chore(jni): build everything into one library
  • d7c04c8 fix(TextInputMangager): move the logic back to the right position
  • cb10166 chore: polish gitignore by template
  • dc06354 fix(KeyboardView): IllegalFormatConversionException in debug build
  • e863ad1 chore: bump version to 3.2.4 for next release cycle
  • b6f3253 doc: update pull request template
  • 8232e98 chore: remove obsolete submodule config
  • 3076e49 chore(submodule): ignore changes that CMake makes
  • c096c9b refactor(jni): add the rime plugins back
  • d868682 fix(jni): remove unnecessary CACHE entry
  • b2bec59 refactor(jni): refactor the cmake files
  • a99fb0a fix(KeyboardView): multpoint touch wrongly recognized as swipe
  • 04c9591 doc: fix pull request markdown style
  • 08c381d doc: update build guide of macOS
  • ef786b6 doc: make clear that every commit should be in good state
  • bb8ffe5 chore: add theme in bug report template
  • 79aac35 refactor(settings): enhance permissions request
  • 7a30499 refactor(util): introduce AndroidVersion
  • 0de8f23 refactor: apply spotless to unify style
  • 5200a7e refactor(settings, lifecycle): fine tune coroutines scope settings
  • 843f52d refactor(core): split more code from Trime service
  • bfa954a refactor(core): fine tune AlertDialog
  • 94d831c refactor(core): fine tune popup window
  • 6305d67 refactor(components): migrate AlertDialog to AndroidX
  • da18332 refactor(util): fine tune ImeUtils (InputMethodUtils)
  • f5ca6bb fix(core): unexpectedly select all action while typing
  • fd687dd feat(res): add default system subtype (slogan)
  • afc3f2f refactor(core, text): split most code related to text input in Trime
  • a4290fa refactor(lifecycle): enhance lifecycle management
  • cd018f8 refactor(text): optimize how to recompute tab geometry
  • df9c966 refactor(text): reduce redundant code and normalize variable names
  • ec8f24c refactor(text): introduce GraphicUtils to Candidate
  • da36fa0 refactor(text): Optimize how to recompute tab geometry
  • 3f8824d refactor(text): split code related to font customization
  • b2580d9 refactor(text): reduce redundant code and normalize variable names
  • 902d400 perf: reduce keyboard and one_hand_mode loading time


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Change log since v3.2.2:

  • 8ea42b8 ci: rename workflow to same style
  • fb85dd4 ci: migrate workflows from adopt to temurin
  • ca099fe Move keystore properties to
  • 8fe8c71 fix NullPointerException
  • 288573b Init the colors config before load candidate background
  • cd19c26 Fix a ClassCastException caused by the clipboard command
  • 3d9a6a3 doc: update inappropriate translation
  • 95e117a 优化候选栏。 当普通键盘的高亮候选词、液态键盘的高亮tab在屏幕外时,自动调整候选栏的滚动位置。
  • 712e521 优化liquidKeyboard。 打开关闭的方式由开关改为command。支持使用名称和序号两种方式打开指定的liquidKeyboard Tab。修改同文风主题主键盘的颜文字按键为剪贴板管理器。
  • 82a1abd#524 增加开关
  • 2893c46 优化键盘按键滑动事件的触发
  • 58e7b83 refactor: try to meet spotless styling
  • 61f278a refactor(core/Trime; keyboard/KeyboardView): remove unusable swipe action
  • f147df8 perf(core/Trime): not pre-declare View to avoid static field leak
  • 0fd7dd6 fix: cannot display liquid keyboard view
  • 8974ebe refactor(res/layout; core/Trime): reorganize layout resources
  • ff985af refactor(keyboard/KeyboardView): introduce LeakGuardHandlerWrapper
  • 2951a08 perf(core/Trime): refactor handler class
  • 9eb138e refactor(setup/Config): reduce context parameter usages
  • 2c9bc2f feat: enhance haptic feedback
  • f058710 fix: key properties should fallback to keyboard's
  • 86ad95e fix: cannot seek progress of repeat interval setting
  • f53ffcd perf(core): reorganize and improve Trime service
  • a887ed1 refactor(core): fix typos
  • eea722f fix(res): make Options Menu follow the UI mode (#521)
  • ecbb36e refactor(symbol): fix typos
  • 611cbb3 refactor(clipboard): fix typos
  • 65e4038 refactor/perf(keyboard): improve KeyboardSwitch(er)
  • 3c2da03 refactor(keyboard): move and rename TrimeKeyEffects
  • 8f95b32 refactor(keyboard): remove unused KeyboardManager
  • e7a878a chore: clean obsolete artwork
  • 8dc7ba5 chore: upgrade spotless plugin to 5.15.0
  • af19201 chore: upgrade google java format to 1.11.0
  • 14e9b2e doc: add contribution guide in pull request template
  • 849fab4 doc: add contribution guide in readme
  • b8f4551 feat: add contribution guide
  • 69dbd54 feat: add code of conduct file
  • f9269eb fix: fix fdroid build by remove unverified repo
  • b72d273 chore: remove obsolete readme file
  • 822d36b chore: polish english readme
  • bab1f3b chore: change readme referrer
  • 325873f doc: set main readme to en
  • 42d743b chore: polish en readme
  • c82ca11 fix: fix image align by change icon
  • ffed387 chore: fix typos in
  • 1d83f74 chore: fix typos in READMEs
  • e66d97a chore: adjust READMEs' copywriting
  • 36aafc3 chore: update
  • 61021a1 refactor: lower case package name and split
  • a971088 fix: fix merge conflict and style
  • fc3c75f utils: try to meet styling specification
  • 512cdc8 utils: YamlUtils: new, adapted from Config
  • 8403089 utils: RimeUtils: reorganize
  • 33a893d utils: ShortcutUtils: mark new line; remove Function
  • 25c7b26 utils: StringUtils: convert to Kotlin
  • 559e43f utils: ShortcutUtils: new, to replace Function
  • a4c31cb utils: StringUtils: rename to fix typo
  • 4f2f1cf utils: ImeUtils: new, move from PrefMainActivity's companion object
  • 3362172 fix backfround
  • 3c78028 fix height
  • aeabc54 bug-fix & new feature 1. 使用ASCII键盘输入英文字符时,直接上屏,跳过复杂的调用,从表面上解决issue #301 知乎输入英语后输入法失去焦点的问题 (从100%复现变为概率性发生) 2. 优化预设皮肤的参数。 3. 在同文风皮肤的默认键盘中增加”更多“按钮,点击打开liquidKeyboard 4. #512 优化背景解析和加载的方法。支持把背景图放置到“background/background_folder”目录。 5. 调整皮肤参数位置。背景图/色从style统一移动到fallback_colors,并且由preset_color_schemes来定义。(为了后续的皮肤优化,代码逻辑简化,不对旧皮肤的相关参数做兼容)包含:root_background candidate_background 废弃layout/background, 改为text_back_color值既可以是色彩、也可以是背景图(window_background) 6. 修复 #515 的bug并调整皮肤中keyboard_padding开头的多个参数名和相关算法,增加左右手键盘switch。在默认皮肤-符号键盘提供了左右手模式的示例(长按,?两个按键)
  • 6ec4955 chore: bump version to 3.2.3
  • 9937980 chore: upgrade gradle to 7.2
  • 74b6afb chore: remove obsolete script


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Change log since v3.2.1:

  • 0c588c1 ci: add auto release action
  • d384e6b chore: simply logic and refactor
  • ffeeef5 chore: change some variable to final
  • d969cd4 chore: add daily build tips
  • 07536be feat: add debug daily build for review
  • 4eb134d ci: enlarge gradle heap to 2GB
  • a97b39c 1. 记录通过liquidKeyboard输入的符号历史,并在history类型的tab中展示这些符号 2. 优化键盘布局 3. 在默认皮肤的符号键盘中增加”更多“按钮,点击打开liquidKeyboard
  • e90912f 增加Ctrl+left/right支持,增加剪贴板保存数量的选项,删除外部剪贴板管理器。
  • 2f947ee spotlessApply
  • b39e356 增加符号键盘和剪贴板 1. 增加符号键盘,实现了根据配置加载按键、可以滚动显示键盘、点击上屏的主要功能。 2. 滑动键盘以标签页的形式展示多组多组键盘,标签列表占用原键盘布局的候选栏位置,并且完全共用候选栏的皮肤参数。按键填充在LiquidKeyboard中,除背景色共用原皮肤的背景参数外,其他参数可以单独设定。 3. 在滑动键盘内增加内置剪贴板,提供监控剪贴板变化、列表显示、点击上屏的简单功能。剪贴板删除、查找、合并、编辑等功能目前未实现,背景色参数设定未实现。 4. 去除ScrollView一些未使用的变量。
  • 802a851 fix: 方案选择失败时重置配置文件
  • 7cc3eca chore: update pull request template
  • 467fed6 refactor: convert KeyEventType to kotlin
  • b9c4f5e refactor: make variable final by ide advice
  • cf62532 fix: remove yaml duplicate key
  • bb9483f refactor: use upper case scroll class
  • 47faac0 fix #454
  • 5a95ac9 fix #454
  • dc1fa56 chore: fix a typo in pull request template
  • 7feb45c refactor: lower case some variable
  • 5ab8df5 chore: extract regex and compile once
  • 4a535c6 chore: extract regex and compile once
  • 844b826 chore: update git ignore file
  • a9cd47c chore: remove jdk 1.8 compile options
  • eba06a6 fix: fix github action job name typo
  • ec98953 chore: enable gradle cache of github action
  • 99a805b chore: upgrade AGP to 7.0.1
  • 92c2627 chore: upgrade jdk to 11 for AGP 7.0
  • c6f2e9b 初始化中 复制文件卡死
  • b369f4f 初始化中 复制文件卡死
  • a02908e chore: declare no wildcard imports rule
  • a083971 chore: fix format by spotless
  • c085b5a ui: drop unnecessary wrap up in the last commit
  • 83d0112 ui: support set navigation bar color following the activity or window
  • 877896c ci: enable spotless code style check
  • 0907aaf chore: add spotless target
  • 1bcd688 chore: clean make file icon target
  • 35cc372 chore: format all kotlin code by spotless
  • f3a0bec chore: format all java code by spotless
  • 63bc4d1 feat: add hilited_candidate_text_color config
  • da8d09d chore: update library licenses
  • d3e95fb chore: drop deprecated code and apply new methods
  • 2d2c13c chore: downgrade Gradle build tool temperately due to GitHub Actions failure
  • f501b16 chore: specify the compile option
  • cde9b79 chore: update kotlin plugin to 1.5.20
  • f38f946 global: apply the Timber log tool
  • 2fca2f6 chore: update Gradle build tool to 7.0.0
  • 98e2772 global: plant the Timber log tree
  • 0e1101e global: TrimeApplication.kt: wrap code with try block
  • b6258bc feat: use spotless to unify code style
  • d3fec31 feat: add pull request template
  • 2d1a068 feat: add issue templates
  • 7e4184e chore: update version to 3.2.2
  • 6f4afab chore: change min sdk version to 16 close #484
  • 807c62d chore: upgrade ndk to latest lts 23
  • 197438a chore: upgrade gradle to 7.1.1
  • b981b36 settings: show uses library licenses
  • 955dc78 settings: reorganize about page
  • 818e5b5 chore: extract regex compile to static
  • d107f99 fix: crash when typing with Shift key
  • 3ed4eba fix: fix merge conflict and build error
  • 47f5be6 chore: remove moved pacakge
  • 2a55a21 fix
  • 26bd577 1. 修复config重构造成的剪贴板管理器失效 2. 增加全屏模式(全屏模式下的文本框、按钮样式的设置目前无法实现) 3 优化asset路径算法。asset实际上需要全部拷贝到公用目录,并不需要多次判断 4. 部署结束toast消息,不自动退出
  • 85d4216 categories: move a bunch of classes to their package
  • c839f66 multi: a little optimization to several classes
  • 6f77ec1 setup: optimization (partly)
  • 770ad9d core: optimization (partly)
  • 8409aa9 enums: WindowPositionType: a little adjustment
  • 22461d0 util: AppVersionUtil.kt: optimization
  • 8c4feb3 text: a little adjustment
  • 6e7c74e keyboard: add a new keyboard manager
  • fb7e088 fix: settings: user's setting doesn't take effort immediately
  • 4795914 setup: optimization (partly)
  • d2edaab setup: optimization
  • 28fcd87 core: optimization
  • 509dd05 core: add a new effect manager
  • 4241b24 fix
  • e38dd93 1. 修复config重构造成的剪贴板管理器失效 2. 增加全屏模式(全屏模式下的文本框、按钮样式的设置目前无法实现) 3 优化asset路径算法。asset实际上需要全部拷贝到公用目录,并不需要多次判断 4. 部署结束toast消息,不自动退出
  • ef1dd9b 修复计算悬浮窗显示候选词词数的算法的bug
  • beece9c 优化悬浮窗 - [x] 修正皮肤参数 layout/min_check 相关的计算方法,修复bug。 - [x] 增加皮肤参数 layout/real_margin。原有皮肤参数margin_x margin_y本质是padding参数,控制悬浮窗文本和边框的距离。引入的新参数可以控制屏幕左右边缘和悬浮窗之间的距离。 - [x] 对悬浮窗超出屏幕左侧做了简单修复。 - [x] 修改trime.yaml,添加近期新增的皮肤参数
  • 5e78630 优化候选栏和悬浮窗 1. 考虑到曲面屏同样需要保留屏幕左右两侧到按键区域的间隙, 增加参数keyboard_padding。横屏和竖屏布局略有差异,横屏按键区域与候选栏同步缩小,而竖屏只缩小了按键区域 2. 候选栏去除滚动条,减少UI缝合感。 3. 修改悬浮窗 - 增加皮肤参数 layout/min_check 只要前n个候选词有长度大于等于min_length的词,就会把长度符合以及之前的词全部加到悬浮窗内。和原有参数all_phrases不同,all_phrases会让悬浮窗显示的长词和候选栏的词重复,min_check是让前半部分的候选词不分长短全部上屏了。 4. 修改trime.yaml,添加新增的皮肤参数
  • df69aef core: Preferences: adjust some necessary places
  • 8a88038 core: Preferences.kt: apply the SharedPreferences helper
  • 1682a89 core: use a custom Application class
  • f2ee9f3 core: Preferences: unify related Preference items key naming style
  • bac4874 core: add a helper to organize SharedPreferences
  • 82822b2 Remove dead code
  • 5b8c909 Remove dead code
  • 0b56099 Delete all dead code
  • 458f03b 移除不必要的log输出
  • d441073 兼容旧版本的主题
  • dee116f 解决直接点击候选词与按数字键上屏结果不一致的问题
  • ca40d18 增加功能及修复bug - [x] 增加.9图支持,解决画面拉伸问题(背景图需要以.9.png结尾) - [x] 候选词背景图(皮肤增加参数 /style/candidate_background) - [x] 增加开关:候选栏开关的提示是否显示箭头(有奇怪的bug,需要刷新主题或者切换方案之类的操作才会有效)入口在偏好设置-视图-在候选栏中显示状态时带箭头符号 - [x] 增加参数:横屏按键高度(这里没有生效),横屏键盘左右padding,竖屏全面屏抬起键盘的高度 对应参数均在/style/keyboard_padding_landscape, /style/keyboard_padding_portrait - [x] 候选词栏滑动到顶部、尾部的阻尼效果 - [x] 候选词滑动到尾部、顶部自动翻页 - [x] 修复翻页时候选词栏没有复位的bug - [x] 候选与键盘使用一张完整的图(皮肤增加/style/root_background参数),候选栏与键盘原有背景图叠加在其上显示 - [x] 解决bilibili横屏无候选词的bug - [x] 增加剪贴板API。在其他设置中,增加了剪贴板3个选项。当剪贴板内容发生变化时,自动发送剪贴板内容给指定的应用。选项“去重规则”和“过滤规则”每一行为一条正则表达式。每次通知剪贴板管理器,都会保存“去重规则”处理过的string。如果相邻两次剪贴内容,使用“去重规则”处理过后,内容不变,则不通知。如果内容与“过滤规则”匹配,则不通知指定App
  • 0a1fa57 chore(rime): update librime-lua
  • ba734bd chore(rime): update librime-octagram
  • 6ccfa95 improve(ui mode): more standard night mode control
  • f9587f7 revert: keep Deploy button a text
  • 314efb9 chore(settings): add icon for preferences item in top page
  • a482c71 fix: typo in Trime
  • d45d753 fix: typo in OtherFragment
  • 66f9512 improve(icon): make icon more adaptive
  • f9b50b0 improve: use appcompat widgets as many as possible
  • cc37e4d fix(revert): Revert migrating to Material Design due to some wired issues
  • 0d9592d improve(settings): Switching UI mode doesn't need to relaunch the app anymore
  • 33fbd81 chore(components): let activity restart after confirming checked schema(s)
  • ba5f8e3 fix(components): progressdialog doesn't show the message after selecting the schema(s)
  • 7b03068 chore(components): Put the seekbar into a dialog
  • 367c60f chore: fix typo in comment [ci skip]
  • b1a5e82 fix: imperfect application of LocaleUtils
  • 363908e fix: fail to check/uncheck schemas in the menu opened from keyboard
  • 77dad70 chore: split two objects from Function class
  • 64720b4 chore: support for hiding icon in the launcher
  • eec38f7 chore: adjust preference trees
  • aeaea94 fix: Night Mode isn't working properly
  • aee3a4d chore: adjust the resource attribution
  • cac8efd feat: Rewrite Pref Activity with AppCompat (This commit is a bit of a wrap-up)
  • acc7886 EP: Complete Dark Mode
  • 62bc750 Complete AboutActivity
  • 4aa4abd Reorganize the preference trees
  • 2df6d27 Complete click event methods and other relative methods
  • 083490e Create options menu
  • 7e3c6ae fix: crash on selecting schema in settings and failure on selecting theme in keyboard
  • 9ada822 Add three fragments
  • 42ab107 Complete methods
  • 75ab3ca chore: enable allow backup close #432
  • bf6a97e Add color scheme
  • cc93fb5 Add toolbar support
  • 098eb47 Prepare new preference class
  • a89468b Add US intl and array30 keyboard layouts
  • 2c94236 ci: enable androidx to fix build
  • 1929642 fix: remove obsolete package import
  • f20a44b feat: Rewrite dialog components in Kotlin (Replaced AsyncTask with Kotlin Coroutines)
  • c57057a Complete schema class
  • bc20a6b Complete theme class
  • c0b767c Init theme class and complete color class and reset class
  • bdb631e Implement dependencies and init new classes
  • aec3d33 Move components classes to specified package directory
  • 8dcfb3b fix: wrong rime version in installation.yaml
  • ca8b90d ci: reduce pull request ci time
  • 5bfec71 fix: change capnproto version to 0.8.0-1
  • 3f9a29a chore: lock capnproto version to 0.8.0
  • 5f02fe4 fix: install capnproto in experimental release
  • 729ae83 chore: move dependency to head for fail-fast
  • eb647cf chore: import debian experimental gpg key
  • a55bf66 fix: ignore repo signatures couldn't be verified
  • 8ad1f78 ci: add debian experimental repo to reduce ci time
  • e6238af chore: upgrade prettytime to 5.0.1


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583593b Fix: charset_filter doesn't work after librime(1.6.1)


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45af154 fix: fetch all tag and branch
21606f6 fix: remove keystore setup section
ebf2378 chore: upgrade ndk version to 22
1d1f908 fix: add ci build dependency of capnproto
d43986f fix: fix opencc file format
8e8ad15 fix: avoid return default board fix #382 #389
ae271fb fix:fix keyboard config close #382
ee4953d chore: add sponsor for trime[ci skip]
e66f6eb chore: add rimerc tip to release note fix #349
2c7f570 chore: use direct download link for last release
ec2ff6c chore(travis): use default build tools
87217b2 fix: 無內置方案時部署失敗
83497f9 fix: copy assets in rime folder
9dfce10 chore: print stack trace
e8774a3 More fixes on opencc
85c3886 chore(cmake): support rime plugin


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  • 支持64位



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  • 問:如何自定義鍵盤?如何恢復默認鍵盤?
  • 問:候選詞序混亂
  • 問:候選詞中出現方框、豆腐塊等,怎麼辦
  • 問:發現問題,或者想建議新功能,怎麼做