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import random
from TerrainCell import TerrainCell
from Paintable import Paintable
from Constants import *
class Terrain(Paintable):
def __init__(self, numRows, numColumns):
self.terrainCellMatrix = []
self.rows = numRows
self.columns = numColumns
for i in range(numRows):
tempRow = []
for j in range(numColumns):
type = random.randint(0,1)
tempRow.append(TerrainCell(SQUARE_SIZE*i, SQUARE_SIZE*j, type))
def generateRegions(self):
for k in range(10):
for i in range(self.rows-2):
for j in range(self.columns-2):
x = random.randint(-1,1)
y = random.randint(-1,1)
self.terrainCellMatrix[i+1][j+1] = TerrainCell(SQUARE_SIZE*(i+1), SQUARE_SIZE*(j+1), self.terrainCellMatrix[i+x+1][j+y+1].getType())
mountains = random.randint(1, 10)
for i in range(mountains):
self.makeRegion(random.randint(0, self.columns), random.randint(0, self.rows), 3, 15+random.randint(0, 60))
lakes = random.randint(1, 10)
for i in range(lakes):
self.makeRegion(random.randint(0, self.columns), random.randint(0, self.rows), 2, 15+random.randint(0, 60))
def generateBorder(self):
for i in range(self.columns):
self.terrainCellMatrix[i][0] = TerrainCell(SQUARE_SIZE*(i), SQUARE_SIZE*(0), 3)
for i in range(self.columns):
self.terrainCellMatrix[i][self.rows-1] = TerrainCell(SQUARE_SIZE*(i), SQUARE_SIZE*(self.rows-1), 3)
for i in range(self.columns):
self.terrainCellMatrix[0][i] = TerrainCell(SQUARE_SIZE*(0), SQUARE_SIZE*(i), 3)
for i in range(self.columns):
self.terrainCellMatrix[self.columns-1][i] = TerrainCell(SQUARE_SIZE*(self.columns-1), SQUARE_SIZE*(i), 3)
def makeRegion(self, x, y, type, n):
if(n>=0 and x>=0 and y>=0 and x < self.columns and y < self.columns):
self.terrainCellMatrix[x][y] = TerrainCell(SQUARE_SIZE*(x), SQUARE_SIZE*(y), type)
next = random.randint(0, 2)
remaining = n
for i in range(next):
remaining -= 1
self.makeRegion(x, y + random.randint(0,1)*2-1, type, remaining)
self.makeRegion(x + random.randint(0,1)*2-1, y, type, remaining)
def getNumRows(self):
return self.rows
def getNumColumns(self):
return self.columns
def getThingOcupying(self, x, y):
if(x < 0 or x >= self.columns or y < 0 or y >= self.rows):
return None
return self.terrainCellMatrix[x][y].getThingOcupying()
def getType(self, x, y):
return self.terrainCellMatrix[x][y].getType()
def removeThingOcupying(self, x, y):
def removeThingOcupyingKraken(self, x, y):
if(self.terrainCellMatrix[x][y].getType() == WATER):
def setThingOcupying(self, x, y, thing):
def walkable(self, x, y):
if(x >= 0 and x < self.columns and y >= 0 and y < self.rows):
if(self.terrainCellMatrix[x][y].getThingOcupying() == None):
return True
return False
return False
def krakenWalkable(self, x, y):
if(x >= 0 and x < self.columns and y >= 0 and y < self.rows):
if(self.terrainCellMatrix[x][y].getThingOcupying() == None or self.terrainCellMatrix[x][y].getThingOcupying() == WATER):
return True
return False
return False
def paint(self, screen, translation):
for i in range(self.rows):
for j in range(self.columns):
self.terrainCellMatrix[i][j].paint(screen, translation)