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You can run the application by selecting osgi.enroute.examples.properties.bndrun. Resolve this bndrun file and then click on the Debug icon. You can then go to:


In the initial case you can not see any of the properties. You'll see the RUNVM property as being set to 'No RUN VM set'.

Setting Runvm in the bndrun

Uncomment the -runvm line so it looks like:

-runvm 		= -DRUNVM_HOME_IS_SET=1
#-runvm.home = -DRUNVM_HOME_PLUS_IS_SET=1

Save, close the bndrun file, and open it again on the Run tab. Now stop the running framework and click on the Debug icon to restart the framework (these settings are not updated in the framework unlike the bundles). If you refresh the GUI then you should see the RUNVM_HOME_IS_SET=1 property.

Uncomment the -runvm.home line so it looks like:

-runvm 		= -DRUNVM_HOME_IS_SET=1
-runvm.home = -DRUNVM_HOME_PLUS_IS_SET=1

Again, quit the bndrun editor and reopen until we fixed this bug. Then quit the running framework and start it again, then refresh. You now can see the 2 keys RUNVM_HOME__IS_SET and RUNVM_HOME_PLUS_IS_SET. You can see both because bnd merges all instructions that start with -runvm.

Workspace Wide

You can also set the -runvm in build.bnd. This file is always at the top of your properties, projects, builders, and bndrun files inherit from this file. You find the following lines there:

# For examples properties project
#-runvm.ext: -DRUNVM_BUILD_PLUS_IS_SET=1

If you uncomment these lines and restart (both the editor, then the framework, and then refresh the page) then you see the effects in the browser. Again, no refresh of all these parts and you're lost.

In the cnf/ext directory you can find the examples.properties.bnd file. All files in the cnf/ext directory are read before the build.bnd is read. Any properties in there, if not overridden later, will be available in the projects, bndruns, and builders. In the examples.properties.bnd file you can find the following lines.

# Try uncommenting these for testing the 
# examples properties project

#-runvm: -DRUNVM_IS_SET_IN_EXT=1
#-runvm.ext: -DRUNVM_EXT_PLUS_IS_SET=1

Again, play with uncommenting and then refreshing the browser. Did I tell you not to open and close the browser and restart the framework?

The Bug

You can follow the bug that requires this extensive refreshing here