The OSGi enRoute project provides a programming model of OSGi applications. This project contains bundles providing the API for the OSGi enRoute base profile and bundles for the OSGi enRoute project. The base profile establishes a runtime that contains a minimal set of services that can be used as a base for applications. The bundles are simple …
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OSGi enRoute

Interested in developing agile & maintainable Enterprise or highly distributed IoT solutions? In either case, OSGi enRoute provides a simple on-ramp for developing such modular distributed applications and exploring the power of OSGi.

Based upon the latest OSGi best practices and R7 Specifications, the enRoute tutorials start with a comprehensive hands-on introduction to Declarative Services, and then progresses to explore OSGi's unique and powerful approaches to Microservices & Reactive Systems.

This repository contains the code for the enRoute tutorials, and also defines useful OSGi repositories for the OSGi R7 reference implementations. You can use these repositories directly in your own OSGi applications, or as a template for creating your own personalised OSGi application runtime.


Want to contribite to osgi.enroute? See for information on building, testing and contributing changes.


The contents of this repository are made available to the public under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. Bundles may depend on non Apache Licensed code.