A java dependency injection tool
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Genie is a JSR330 Dependency Injection solution inspired by Feather. Genie is designed to provide richer feature set than Feather while remaining much lightweight in comparing to Google Guice.

Genie is a core component of ActFramework.

Maven Dependency



  • JSR330 Dependency injection support on Constructor/Field/Method
  • Module and @Provides factory methods
  • Fully support on @Qualifier tags
  • Support Singleton, SessionScoped, RequestScoped annotation from built-in and CDI-api-1.2, plus Guice version
  • Support Collection/Map loader
  • Support inject array type bean
  • Support generic value loader and more specific configuration value loader
  • Support @javax.annotations.PostConstruct semantic


Genie has very high runtime performance when comparing to Guice and Spring. See this benchmark