gr-eventstream is a set of GNU Radio blocks for creating precisely timed events and either inserting them into, or extracting them from normal data-streams precisely. It allows for the definition of high speed time-synchronous c++ burst event handlers, as well as bridging to standard GNU Radio Async PDU messages with precise timing easily.
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# Copyright 2017 Tim O'Shea

This directory contains the GNU Radio Eventstream Out-of-Tree Synchronous Stream-Event Scheduler 

These blocks are intended to help improve the translation of 
streams of data items into scheduled-finite length events 
occurring in the data streams in both directions.

* es.sink provides the translation from stream to events
* es.source provides the translation from events to streams

* triggers cause events to be scheduled in es.source 
 and es.sink block event queues.

Some examples of specific triggers included are,
    - es_trigger_edge_f: cause an event when float stream rises
                         above a fixed threshold value
    - es_trigger_sample_timer: cause an event to occur on 
                    a periodic sample increment in the stream

* handlers consume events and do some ammount of signal
  processing on them

Some example of specific handlers included are,
    - es_handler_print: print the event to STDOUT
    - es_handler_pdu: convert the event to a PDU and send
                        it out a message port
    - es_handler_insert_vector: a source handler which
                populates an event window from a PMT vector
    - es_handler_file: a sink handler which writes event
                contents out to a file