A tool for editing GNU Radio out-of-tree modules
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This is gr_modtool.py, a script that helps editing your GNU Radio out-of-tree
modules. It allows you to create new modules, add and remove blocks and
probably a lot more cool stuff.


Easy way (for users):

To install, simply copy gr_modtool.py from this directory somwhere into your

Slightly less easy way (for developers):

Put a link to src/gr_modtool.py somewhere into your $PATH.

Notes for developers:

And by developers, I mean people who want to hack gr_modtool.py, not people
who want to develop GNU Radio (which in this context, shall be called 'users').

gr_modtool.py is auto-generated from a whole bunch of scripts, which are located
in src/. The reason being, it's still small enough to easily distribute as a single
executable and doesn't require complicated installation, with Python modules etc.

On the other hand, the complete script is a couple of thousand LOCs, so it's not
really a handy way to edit.
So, if you want to edit the source code, best to dive into src/.