ArchLinux User Repository (AUR) helper and pacman wrapper
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Improving split package support.
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ArchLinux User Repository (AUR) helper and pacman wrapper

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apacman-utils (AUR uploader) (Migrate wizard for AUR4)

Forked from packer


  1. pacman -S --needed --asdeps jshon
  2. curl -O ""
  3. bash ./apacman -S apacman
  4. apacman -S apacman-deps (optional)



Version 3.1

  • NEW Clean build directory and temp directory (fixed #75)
  • NEW Expanded -G to fetch old AUR package source (-G foobar~ or -G foobar==2.0-1)
  • NEW Added new exit codes (fixed #72)
  • NEW Converted manpages to HTML
  • NEW Fix for progress bar to match pacman (pull request #76)
  • NEW Fix ZSH completion (pull request #74)
  • NEW Miscellaneous fixes and cleanup

Version 3.0

  • Add alternative --flag=parameter syntax for relevant options
  • Fix for installing groups and virtual packages
  • Fix to allow installing cached packages without Internet
  • Implement unit tests using bats (WIP)
  • Add regex/wildcard support to -S and -Ss
  • Return code 1 on errors
  • Improve viewing package comments
  • Update manpages
  • Closed 10+ issues since last release

Version 2.9

  • -P parameter uses AUR passthrough for pkgfile
  • Save installed AUR package metadata to database
  • --nodatabase parameter does not store AUR database
  • --gendb parameter to generate AUR database files
  • Display remaining packages in queue
  • --notify parameter for notify-send notifications
  • --noprogress to disable transaction progress
  • Enabled terminal title progress by default
  • --edit parameter to override 'noedit' option in config file
  • fix CLI flag precedence over config file

Version 2.6

  • improve -U to display packages removed from AUR as "unresolvable"
  • bug fix for --devel
  • merged fix that improves curl debugging
  • merged fix that removes split package support
  • merged pull requests for AUR5 support
  • improved virtual package support
  • improved -U handling
  • -W parameter to view package comments
  • sanity checks for curl with debugging
  • fixes for ABS
  • improved signed package support
  • --keepkeys parameter stores PGP keys
  • --purgekeys parameter removes trusted PGP keys
  • fix for piping output
  • fix for yes/no dialog

Version 2.0

  • Split package support and shared source
  • Improved AUR4 support
  • Bug fix for AUR4 -Si
  • Bug fix for built/failed
  • --legacy flag for AUR3
  • Preliminary AUR4 support
  • Signed package support

Version 1.6

  • Display [installed], [installed: VER], or [local: VER] in -Ss
  • --progress parameter sets terminal title to package status
  • Add AUR link to -Si info
  • Bug fix for saved AUR packages and --cachevcs
  • Bug fix for pacmatic
  • Build status log
  • Override EDITOR for PKGBUILDs in config file
  • --buildonly parameter to build but not AUR install packages
  • --nofail parameter to quit if a package does not build
  • --purgebuild parameter to remove unneeded build depends
  • --skiptest to avoid installing unit test packages

Version 1.0

  • Config file support (/etc/apacman.conf)
  • Cleaned up manpages
  • Replacement for pacsysclean (-L list installed packages by size)
  • -G now supports ABS + AUR packages
  • --noaur parameter to skip AUR packages
  • --warn parameter makes errors non-fatal (only enable if you know what you are doing)
  • Run as root workaround for Pacman 4.2+

Version 0.6

  • All features from packer
  • Saves built AUR packages to /var/cache/apacman/pkg
  • Uses AUR package cache directory if applicable
  • --needed parameter that does not install up-to-date packages
  • --ignorearch parameter that ignores architectures specified in PKGBUILD (useful for ARM devices)
  • --skipcache parameter that skips check for pre-built package in cache directory
  • --cachevcs parameter installs cached VCS (git, svn, hg) packages newer than AUR PKGBUILDs
  • Partial passthrough support for -R, -Q, and -U pacman parameters