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AUR wrapper forked from packer
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ArchLinux User Repository (AUR) helper and pacman wrapper forked from packer


  • (new) Bug fix for saved AUR packages and --cachevcs
  • (new) Bug fix for pacmatic
  • (new) Build status log
  • (new) Override EDITOR for PKGBUILDs in config file
  • (new) --buildonly parameter to build but not AUR install packages
  • (new) --nofail parameter to quit if a package does not build
  • (new) --purgebuild parameter to remove unneeded build depends
  • --skiptest to avoid installing unit test packages
  • Config file support (/etc/apacman.conf)
  • Cleaned up manpages
  • Replacement for pacsysclean (-L list installed packages by size)
  • -G now supports ABS + AUR packages
  • --noaur parameter to skip AUR packages
  • --warn parameter makes errors non-fatal (only enable if you know what you are doing)
  • Run as root workaround for Pacman 4.2+
  • All features from packer
  • Saves built AUR packages to /var/cache/apacman/pkg
  • Uses AUR package cache directory if applicable
  • --needed parameter that does not install up-to-date packages
  • --ignorearch parameter that ignores architectures specified in PKGBUILD (useful for ARM devices)
  • --skipcache parameter that skips check for pre-built package in cache directory
  • --cachevcs parameter installs cached VCS (git, svn, hg) packages newer than AUR PKGBUILDs
  • Partial passthrough support for -R, -Q, and -U pacman parameters
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