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Google Apps Script List


Useful sites & blogs

Awesome code & things


  • Learning Google Apps Script The best resources for learning Google Apps Script, the glue that connects GSuite services including Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Maps, Analytics and more

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Starter Kits

Shims and polyfills

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Libraries & Modules

Using databases

  • FirebaseApp The Google Apps Script binding for the Firebase Realtime Database
  • oshliaer/alasqlgs AlaSQLGS is a library that enables the use of the AlaSQL.js library in Google Apps Script

ORM (O/RM and O/R mapping tool)


  • gas-underscore Underscore for Google Apps Script
  • lodashgs Lodash for Google Apps Script is a library that enables the use of the lodash.js library in Google Apps Script
  • brucemcpherson/cUseful Various dependency free useful functions
  • Gexpress Express-ish middleware for google appscript (build NODEJS-ish applications)
  • tanaikech/RangeListApp RangeListApp is a GAS library for retrieving, putting and replacing values for Spreadsheet by a range list with a1Notation using Google Apps Script (GAS)
  • syslogic/google-apps-script is a client for Google Cloud Datastore, which runs as a Service Account



Images & Pictures

  • ImgApp This is a library of image tools for Google Apps Script

Data Studio community connectors

Pack modules and universal libraries

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Open Source Apps & Add-ons

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  • gasl Google Apps Script Logging-framework
  • BetterLog Logging library that extends the native apps script Logger, mainly to allow logging to a GSheet
  • BBLog Logging library that further extends BLog to give
    • logging to a Firebase DB
    • multiple logging instances
    • logging of function names and line numbers
    • log the user's email address or ID, in a full or disguised format
    • automatically format log GSheet

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Snippets and assorted


Lists & collections




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