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Project created for simplification access to Github gist.

Build project:

For build, inside gist-cli folder type:ant for build project by Ant or type:mvn install for build by maven, it create runnable jar file. As needed you can automatically install ivy, for it type: ant init-ivy


  • java –jar gist-cli.jar –u username -p password download and save gists from github by user username and password
  • java –jar gist-cli.jar –r the same behavior as previously command if exist inside working directory user property file (“”)
  • java –jar gist-cli.jar –l use local saved data as work data
  • java –jar gist-cli.jar –h show command list
  • java –jar gist-cli.jar –show gistId show gist info by ID
  • java –jar gist-cli.jar –show all show all user gists info
  • java –jar gist-cli.jar –d gistId download gist files by gistId into work directory (/localRepository/’gistId’/)
  • java –jar gist-cli.jar –d all download all gists files into work directory (/localRepository/’gistId’/)


  • Ant ant javadoc create documentation to gist-cli\build\runnable\javadoc\
  • Maven mvn javadoc:javadoc create doucmentation to gist-cli\target\site\


  • Maven mvn test run tests and create report to gist-cli\target\surefire-reports\index.html

Code Coverage:

  • mvn cobertura:cobertura generate code coverage documentation by maven